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Node Micro Test

MicroTest is an asynchronous testing framework built for Node.js. It's under 40 lines of code, and has no dependencies.


Create a folder called test/ in the root of your project directory.

Within this folder create .js testing files that look like this:

var equal = require('assert').equal;
exports.tests = {
    'true should be equal to true': function(finished, prefix) {
        equal(true, true, prefix + " that's weird, true should really be equal to true.");
        setTimeout(function() {
        }, 2000);
  • finished call this within your test, to indicate that all asynchronous actions have completed.
  • prefix contextual information about the test that you can print out with your assertions.


Just run the command micro-test from the root directory of your Node.js project.

  • npm install micro-test
  • micro-test


Copyright (c) 2012 See LICENSE.txt for further details.