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    One of the big challenges to manage media in microservices is to how distributed them, manage and optimize them without bringing whole new infostructure and complexity in your app.

    The solution is micro-image-manager. Simple, fast, and scalable solution to manage, distributed, and optimize your images. Some of the main features are:

    • Convert images to different formats and sizes for different target browser and mobile
    • Crop & resize images
    • Optimize images (jpeg & webp)
    • Distributed images resources over your cluster using MongoDB replica

    How to use it

    micro-image-manager bring two endpoints:


    Is the one the you use to manage images. You DON'T open this endpoint to public. You can simply post image to this endpoint:

    curl -F profile_small=400x300 -F profile_large=800x600 -F image=@my_image.jpg http://localhost:8700/api/v1/images

    This will return:

        "id": "5f4a459d28317a9f153c211d",
        "profiles": [
                "name": "small",
                "width": 400,
                "height": 300
                "name": "large",
                "width": 800,
                "height": 600

    and create images in two different size and two different formats for you (jpeg, webp).


    It fetch the largest image with format that browser supports for you. For example it chrome it shows 800x600.webp.

    You can explicity put the format:


    Or size (profile):


    Use it with HTML5

    You can explicity check format support:

        <source srcset="/image/5f4a459d28317a9f153c211d.webp" type="image/webp" />
        <source srcset="/image/5f4a459d28317a9f153c211d.jpeg"  type="image/jpeg" /> 
        <img src="/image/5f4a459d28317a9f153c211d" alt="Alt Text!" />

    Or even optimize image for different screen sizes that can boost up performance on mobile phones:

    <img src="/image/5f4a459d28317a9f153c211d?profile=small"
    srcset="/image/5f4a459d28317a9f153c211d?profile=large 800w"
    alt="Image description">

    How to run it?

    Use npm

    First you need to have mongodb up and running then:

    npx micro-image-manger

    If mongo has different configurations:

    MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/image-manager npx micro-image-manger

    Application is ready on localhost:8700

    Use docker

    docker-compose up

    Application is ready on localhost:8700

    Use helm for kubernetes

    helm repo add micro-image-manager https://raw.githubusercontent.com/abdollahpour/micro-auth-request-chart/master/repository
    helm install micro-auth-request

    For more information and customization please check the details here.


    npm i micro-image-manager

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