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Transliteration of html5 email validator in Firefox

What is it?

From teh codez:

// Function to validate an email address.
// This is a transliteration of the HTML5 email-validation logic
// inside Firefox.  It splits the username and domain portions,
// translates tham into IDN punycode syntax, then does some very
// basic sanity-checking.

How to use it?

var validate = require('micro-email-validator');
validate(''); // returns true
validate('foo@foo@foo'); // returns false
validate('例子'); // returns true, yay

Please note, however, that these rules are more liberal than you might think:

validate('wow_such@unsatisfy'); // returns true
validate('wat@'); // returns true

Have fun!


MPL 2.0

Brought to you by

The fine minds behind Firefox Accounts, and your humble narrator.