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Mia - JavaScript Documentation Generator

Mia is a customizable documentation generator for JavaScript based on esprima.

Note: Mia is still in alpha status, right now it only comes with a few basic modules for parsing standard, prototypical code and it's own doc format.

Mia provides enhancements to the AST which are used by (custom) parser modules to generate documentation for all kind of different JavaScript patterns and conventions.

It tries to be open minded about the source code it is parsing and not make any particular assumptions about structure or style.

How it works

Mia works in 3 steps:

  1. It parses the JavaScript source and creates a enhanced AST with additional informations about scopes and comments
  2. It calls the user specificed parsers to detect exports, source structures and annotations
  3. It merges the generated data and returns a JSON structure with all the information


First Mia needs to parse the code in question, this is done by calling mia.parse() and specifying the parsers to be run over the source.

var mia = require('mia'),
    fs = require('fs');
var source = fs.readFileSync('source.js').toString();
var module = mia.parse(
    'Module', // Name of the module 
        module: ['iife'], // Detect standard anonymous function wrappers 
        source: ['prototypical'], // Detect standrad prototypical classes 
        annotation: ['mia'] // Use mia annotations 

module will be a serializable JSON structure which contains all information returned by the different parsers. An example can be found in this gist.

While the structure already contains all the required information to build documentation from it, the data is still not combined in a template friendly way.

By calling mia.generate() with the module and the matching generator a nicer structure can be generated which is easy to work with using standard template engines.

var template = mia.generate(module, 'mia');


Below is a list of the parsers Mia currently ships with.:

  • Source Parsers

    • prototypical

      • Detects classes, factories, members, static members and functions as well as prototypical inheritance and super calls to methods and constructors
  • Module Parsers

    • iife

      • Detects exports from immediately invoked function expression / anonymous wrapper
    • amd

      • Detects exports from asynchronous module definitions
    • node

      • Detects standard Node.js exports
  • Annotation Parsers

    • mia

      • Parses Mia's own - lightweight - doc format.

It is easy to extend as you can just pass your custom functions to Mia instead of a parser name.


The following generators are currently included:

  • mia

    • Works perfectly with results from the built-in parsers, but should also work fine with most custom parsers.


Mia is licenses under MIT.