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Utility for converting between WGS84 lat/lng and MGRS coordinates, spunoff from proj4js

has 3 methods

  • forward, takes an array of [lon,lat] and optional accuracy and returns an mgrs string
  • inverse, takes an mgrs string and returns a bbox.
  • toPoint, takes an mgrs string, returns an array of '[lon,lat]'

install dev dependencies with

npm install

test with

npm test

test coverage with

npm test --coverage

build with

npm run build

Licensed under the MIT license except:

Portions of this software are based on a port of components from the OpenMap com.bbn.openmap.proj.coords Java package. An initial port was initially created by Patrice G. Cappelaere and included in Community Mapbuilder (, which is licensed under the LGPL license as per OpenMap is licensed under the following license agreement: