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Ship metrics from a datasource to various backends. Every minute, metrics-conveyor will pull metrics from your datasource of choice and ship them to the chosen backend.


Getting Started

Installing via NPM

npm install metrics-conveyor --save

Globally Installing via NPM

npm install metrics-conveyor -g


Environment Variables (global configuration)

  • BACKEND_NAME - backend to ship metrics to (defaults to stdout)
  • GRAPHITE_HOST - graphite server host (defaults to localhost)
  • GRAPHITE_PORT - graphite server port (defaults to 2003)
  • INFLUXDB_HOST - influxdb server host (defaults to localhost)
  • INFLUXDB_PORT - influxdb server port (defaults to 8086)
  • INFLUXDB_USERNAME - influxdb username (required for use with influxdb backend)
  • INFLUXDB_PASSWORD - influxdb password (required for use with influxdb backend)
  • INFLUXDB_DATABASE - influxdb database (defaults to metrics-conveyor)
  • MIXPANEL_API_KEY - mixpanel api key (required for use with mixpanel datasource)
  • MIXPANEL_API_SECRET - mixpanel api secret (required for use with mixpanel datasource)
  • MIXPANEL_EVENTS - comma delimited list of mixpanel events to pull
  • HAPROXY_BASE_URL - base url & port of haproxy server (required for use with haproxy datasource)
  • HAPROXY_STATUS_PATH - haproxy status path (defaults to /)
  • HAPROXY_METRIC_KEY_DELIMITER - metric key delimiter (defaults to .)
  • MEMORY_GLOBAL_VARIABLE_NAME - global key which holds metrics (required for use with memory datasource)

Available Datasources

  • HAProxy
  • Memory
  • Mixpanel

Available Backends

  • Graphite
  • InfluxDB
  • Stdout


Please feel free to contribute by opening issues and creating pull requests!