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    User Profile

    Based on socialize:user-profile but uses (validated) Meteor methods instead of client side operations (as well as other changes/additions).

    This package provides the bare minimum required for a user profile and is intended to be built upon to create a custom profile class that meets your needs. Currently the fields on the schema are userId (unique), username (unique) and createdAt, and lastUpdated.

    Profile Class - Extends BaseModel

    Extending the Class

    You can extend the profile class by adding necessary methods to it's prototype. They will then be available on instantiated objects such as when using Meteor.profiles.findOne() and when iterating over a cursor returned from Meteor.profiles.find()

        Profile.prototype.fullName = function() {
            return this.firstName + " " + this.lastName;
        var userProfile = Meteor.profiles.findOne();
        console.log(userProfile.fullName()) //=> "John Doe"

    Extending the Schema

    To extend the schema you can use the appendSchema method provided by the BaseModel Class. The Schema uses aldeed:simple-schmea so you should pass a compatible schema definition to appendSchema.

                required: true
                required: true

    User Extensions

    This package extends the socialize:user-model packge with useful methods pertaining to the user profile.

    User.prototype.profile() - Returns the profile for the user. If on the client this assumes that you have published the profile data for the user.


    npm i meteor-profile-model

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