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    MetaMask React

    Simplistic Context provider and consumer hook in order to manage MetaMask in the browser.


    The recommend way to use MetaMask React with a React app is to install it as a dependency:

    # If you use npm:
    npm install metamask-react
    # Or if you use Yarn:
    yarn add metamask-react


    The first step is to wrap you App or any React subtree with the MetaMaskProvider

    // index.js
    import { MetaMaskProvider } from "metamask-react";
          <App />

    In any React child of the provider, one can use the useMetaMask hook in order to access the state and methods.

    // app.js
    import { useMetaMask } from "metamask-react";
    function App() {
        const { status, connect, account } = useMetaMask();
        if (status === "initializing") return <div>Synchronisation with MetaMask ongoing...</div>
        if (status === "unavailable") return <div>MetaMask not available :(</div>
        if (status === "notConnected") return <button onClick={connect}>Connect to MetaMask</button>
        if (status === "connecting") return <div>Connecting...</div>
        if (status === "connected") return <div>Connected account: {account}</div>
        return null;

    Statuses and behaviour

    The MetaMaskProvider will first initialise the state with initializing status, the account and chainId will be null. A synchronization is performed in order to derive the MetaMask state.

    If the ethereum object is not present or if it is the one associated to MetaMask, the synchronisation will change the status to unavailable.

    Otherwise, a check is performed in order to detect if MetaMask has already connected accounts for the application.

    In case of no connected accounts, the status will be unabled, otherwise the status will be enabled.

    Here is an abstract on the different statuses:

    • initializing: the provider is currently initializing by synchronizing with MetaMask
    • unavailable: MetaMask is not available, nothing will be done
    • notConnected: MetaMask is available but not connected to the application
    • connected: MetaMask is connected to the application
    • connecting: the connection of your accounts to the application is ongoing


    npm i metamask-react

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