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A Metalsmith plugin for mounting additional resources onto a source tree.

what it does

The mount plugin scans your source tree for files that start with the @ prefix (use the prefix option to change this). The contents of a mount file should be a single line with the path to the resource(s) to be mounted. This can be a relative path, and absolute path, or a module identifier (for one of your project dependencies). If the remote path leads to a file, the file contents will be made available at the mount file path (minus the @ prefix). If the remote path leads to a directory, all files in the directory (and any subdirectories) will be read and made available at the mount path (minus the @ prefix).


Assume you want to pull in a directory of files from one of your project dependencies (named some-package). And you want files within this directory to be available at some/path relative to your source directory.


If the src/some/@path mount file has the contents some-package/sub/directory, then the files in this directory will be made available to other Metalsmith plugins at some/path/ and some/path/


Install Metalsmith and the mount plugin (requires Node >= 0.4):

npm install metalsmith metalsmith-mount --save-dev

Configure the plugin:

var metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
var mount = require('metalsmith-mount');
  .build(function(err) {
    if (err) {
      process.stderr.write(err.message + '\n');


You can configure the mount plugin by calling it with an options object with any of the properties below:

  • prefix - string Filename prefix for mount files. Default is '@'.