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Higher level filesystem utilities

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// import augmented 'fs' module
var Fs = require('meta-fs')

// print everything under /etc
Fs.find('/etc', {
  match_fn: function (path, stat, depth, cb) {
    console.log('FOUND', path)
    // you can stop walking by passing an error to `cb`
    cb(depth > 3 and true or nil)
}, function (err) {
  console.log('DONE', err)

// remove /home/foo completely
Fs.remove('/home/foo', console.log)

// make nested directories
Fs.mkdir_p('/home/foo/bar/baz', console.log)

// copy source file/directory
Fs.copy('/home/foo/bar/baz', '/tmp/wow', console.log)

// make symlink'/etc/passwd', '/tmp/passes', console.log)