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Edison Setup

Download latest Yocto Image for Intel Edison

Follow these guidelines and come back after Setting Up Wifi

Install this software

  1. Following the instructions from before, get to the shell terminal on your Edison
  2. Type "cd ~" and hit enter
  3. Type "npm install meshblu-j5-edison" and hit enter
  4. That last step will take awhile, so get some coffee.
  5. After it finishes installing you need to move the contents of /node_modules/meshblu-j5-edison up to /node_app_slot
  6. Type "mv node_modules/meshblu-j5-edison/* /node_app_slot" then hit enter
  7. Type "reboot" and hit enter.

Set up In Octoblu

  1. Log into from the same network your edison is connected through
  2. Goto the "Connect" page
  3. Click on "Add Node"
  4. Select "Generic Device"
  5. It should discover a device type "edison-io" with a UUID, select that.
  6. Name it and save it.
  7. Restart your edison.
  8. Now you should be able to start using your edison-io node in the designer!