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Mercado Bitcoin API

This is a simple implementation of the JSON API written for nodejs.


Using npm:

$ npm [-g] install mercado-bitcoin

In Node.js:

var mb = require("mercado-bitcoin");


var amount, mercadoBitcoin, method;
mercadoBitcoin = require('../lib/mercado-bitcoin');
amount = 0.1;
method = 'convert_BTC_ARS_Last';
mercadoBitcoin.convert(method, amount, function (err, response) {


mercadoBitcoin.last(method, symbol, callback(err[, response]))

Gets the latest price.

mercadoBitcoin.average(method, callback(err[, response]))

Gets the latest average price.

mercadoBitcoin.convert(method, amount, callback(err[, response]))

Gets the last convert between Bitcoins and Currency.

More API info:

For all available methods please visit: