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Memoization Test

Memoize a slow function with callback in its arguments.

Note. The callback on the function must be the first argument.


npm install memoize_test


The input of memoize is slow_function and the output is a faster function.

memoize = require('memoize_test')
fast_function = memoize(slow_function); // runs faster than slow_function by using cache functions 

You can also pass the TTL. The default one will be 5 seconds.

fast_function = memoize(slow_function,{ttl:2000}); // Time to live set to 2 seconds 

Different case

We can also assume that sometimes the cache function can be slower than the slow_function.In this situation both the cache_retrieve and slow_fn will be called and the first being completed will be used. To see a solution for this case, take a look at

For test purpose if you're running the number 2 will always simulate the cache function being slower.