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Meetup js

A node.js interface for the api based roughly on node-twitter


This library supports both stream and low-level REST client interfaces.

The stream interface takes a path of the streamed resource you wish to consume and a function callback which will be provided a stream object. You can register a listener on one of the following event names.

  • data - emits an single item from the stream
  • error - emits an error throwing in processing of stream

Below is an example set up

var Meetup = require("meetup")
var mup = new Meetup()"/2/rsvps", function(stream){
    .on("data", function(item){
      console.log("got item " + item)
    }).on("error", function(e) {
       console.log("error! " + e)

The REST interface supports a get and post interface. These REST interfaces require authentication with Meetup before they can be used.

 var Meetup = require("meetup")
 var mup = new Meetup({
   , clientSecret:"YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"
   , redirectUri:"YOUR_REDIRECT_URI"

Once configured, you can redirect the user-agent to the url returned by mup.getAuthorizeUrl(). Once the user authorizes your client their user-agent will be redirected back to YOUR_REDIRECT_URI with a code needed to obtain an access token.

mup.getAccessToken(code, function(err, access, refresh, others) {
    if (err) {
       // do something about it
    } else {
       // at this point mup is automatically configured with the access token
       // you are free to start making requests here

Once you have an access token you can make requests in the form.

mup.get("/2/member/self", function(err, data){
  console.log("got data " + data)