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MediaWiki Extension Command

mediawiki-extension is a shell command that simplifies installation and upgrading of MediaWiki extensions by automating the process of upgrading/downloading multiple extensions and automatically determining the correct location (composer package, git tag, git master, ...) to install from.

mediawiki-extension can download MediaWiki extensions from Composer, tagged releases in git, release branches (REL#_##), and the latest version from git. The MediaWiki Extension Service is used to fetch information on where to install extensions from.


mediawiki-extension requires Node.js, command-line PHP, Git, and Composer.

  • Node.js: Install from or your system's package manager.
  • PHP
    • OSX: The version of php bundled with OSX should be sufficient.
    • Linux: Install via your system's package manager (php-cli may be a separate package)
  • Git: See

After installing Node.js, mediawiki-extension can be installed by running:

$ sudo npm install -g mediawiki-extension


mediawiki-extension needs to know where php, git, and composer live.

You can set this up using:

$ mediawiki-extension setup

During setup mediawiki-extension will look for php, git, and composer in common locations. If any command cannot be found it will give you the option of specifying the exact path to the command. Additionally if you have not already installed composer, mediawiki-extension can download composer on its own.

Commands / Help

For a full command and argument list run:

$ mediawiki-extension --help
$ mediawiki-extension <command> --help


mediawiki-extension commands (aside from help, info -r, and config) should be run within the installation path of a MediaWiki installation.

Get information about an extension

mediawiki-extension info provides extension information.

$ mediawiki-extension info ParserFunctions
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
   74afdca..bc04e03  master     -> origin/master
id: ParserFunctions
Name: ParserFunctions
Available sources:
 - git-master
 - git-rel
Git repository:
Version hint: 1.6.0
Installed: Yes
Installed source: git-master
Installed commit: 74afdcab73ca66eac7e772c8df839a8b4b9e063f
Latest commit: bc04e03fb7ed5e0fe4effa55d3bea4f70e97aeaa
Updates available: 2 revs

Download / Install extensions

mediawiki-extension download downloads extensions from the best available source (composer, git tags, git master, etc...).

$ mediawiki-extension download ParserFunctions
$ mediawiki-extension download SemanticMediaWiki SemanticForms

mediawiki-extension only fetches extensions and places them in extensions/. It does not install them. You will still need to add a require_once line and configuration in your LocalSettings.php.

To delete an old manually installed extension and replace it with one mediawiki-extension can mange, use the -f/--force option.

$ mediawiki-extension download -f ParserFunctions

Update extensions

mediawiki-extension update updates one or more MediaWiki extensions to the latest version.

Show a list of extensions with updates available:

$ mediawiki-extension outdated
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
 * [new branch]      REL1_26    -> origin/REL1_26
   743d071..c00bf5f  master     -> origin/master
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
   dc77314..b105abf  master     -> origin/master
 * [new branch]      REL1_26    -> origin/REL1_26
   caf113b..9c72c72  master     -> origin/master
 * [new tag]         1.2.1      -> 1.2.1
 * branch            REL1_22    -> FETCH_HEAD
Gadgets (dc77314 -> b105abf [6 revs])
ParserFunctions (74afdca -> bc04e03 [2 revs])
VIKI (1.2.0 -> 1.2.1)

Select extensions for update from an interactive list:

$ mediawiki-extension update
❯◯ CheckUser
 ◯ Cldr
 ◯ Gadgets
 ◯ ParserFunctions
 ◯ SemanticMediaWiki
 ◯ Validator
 ◯ VisualEditor
 ◯ Widgets

Update a specific set of extensions:

$ mediawiki-extension update <Extension>...
$ mediawiki-extension update SemanticMediaWiki
$ mediawiki-extension update ParserFunctions CheckUser

Update all available extensions:

$ mediawiki-extension update --all

List locally installed extensions

You can list the extensions available in the extensions/ directory:

$ mediawiki-extension list
CheckUser (unknown)
Cldr (composer; 2015.08)
Gadgets (git-master; dc77314)
ParserFunctions (git-master; 74afdca)
SemanticMediaWiki (composer; 2.2.2)
Validator (composer; 2.0.4)
VisualEditor (git-rel; REL1_22; 43e96d7)
Widgets (git-tag; 1.2.0)

Switch between git master and release branches

If the latest git-master of an extension breaks for you, you can switch to a git-rel to get the latest code branched for your release of MediaWiki.

$ mediawiki-extension switch <Extension> git-rel

After upgrading MediaWiki you can switch back to git-master and see if they're compatible.

$ mediawiki-extension switch <Extension> git-master

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