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Wix Media Platform

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Wix Media Platform is an end-to-end solution for all modern web media management, handling images, video and audio in the most efficient way on the market. From upload, storage, metadata management and all the way to delivery, Wix Media Platform takes care of all possible media workflows.

JavaScript SDK

This package is an isomorphic JavaScript library (works both in Node JS and in the browser) that provides a convenient API to access Wix Media Platform services.


npm install media-platform-js-sdk --save

To get the most up-to-date version of the JS SDK, move to your project directory and type in npm update:

cd media-platform-js-sdk
npm update

Click here for more info.

Running the Demo

git clone
cd media-platform-js-sdk
npm install
npm start

and open http://localhost:3333/ in the browser

Instantiating the Media Platform in the Server

First, if you haven't done so yet, register at Wix Media Platform, create your organization, project and application.

var MediaPlatform = require('media-platform-js-sdk').MediaPlatform;
var mediaPlatform = new MediaPlatform({
    domain: '<As appears in the application page>',
    appId: '<As appears in the application page>',
    sharedSecret: '<As appears in the application page>'

Instantiating the Media Platform in the Browser

<script src="/media-platform.min.js">
var mediaPlatform = new MP.MediaPlatform({
    domain: '<As appears in the application page>',
    authenticationUrl: '<your authentication url - see example below>'

Authentication URL Node.js (with express) example:

 * Your own authentication mechanism comes here
app.get('/media-platform/auth-header', function (req, res, next) {
     * @description by default, the header authenticates the application
     * @type {{Authorization}}
    var header = mediaPlatform.getAuthorizationHeader();

File Upload

File Upload API Documentation


var UploadFileRequest = require('media-platform-js-sdk').file.UploadFileRequest;
* Only required for streams and buffers
var uploadRequest = new UploadFileRequest().setMimeType('image/jpeg');
mediaPlatform.uploadFile('/path', '<ReadStream || Buffer || string path to file>', uploadRequest || null, function (error, response) {
    if (error) {
        console.error('upload failed: ' + error.message);
    console.log('upload successful: ' + response);


<form id="upload-form" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="" method="post" target="upload-result">
    <input id="file" name="file" type="file">
<button id="upload-button">Upload</button>
    var fileUploadButton = document.getElementById('upload-button');
    var file = document.getElementById('file');
    var path = file.value.split("\\").pop();
    fileUploadButton.addEventListener('click', function() {
        mediaPlatform.fileManager.uploadFile(path, file)
            .on('upload-success', function(response) {
                 // do something
            .on('upload-error', function(error) {
                 // do something

File Import

File Import API documentation

var ImportFileRequest = require('media-platform-js-sdk').file.ImportFileRequest;
var importFileRequest = new ImportFileRequest()
    .setDestination(new Destination().setPath('/to/here/file.txt'))
mediaPlatform.fileManager.importFile(importFileRequest, function (error, data) {
    if (error) {
        console.error('import failed: ' + error.message);
    console.log('import successful: ' + response);

Download a Secure File

File Download API documentation

File access can be restricted by setting the acl to 'private'. In order to access these files, a secure URL must be generated

var DownloadUrlRequest = require('media-platform-js-sdk').file.DownloadUrlRequest;
var downloadUrlRequest = new DownloadUrlRequest();
var downloadUrl = mediaPlatform.getDownloadUrl(path, downloadUrlRequest);


The Jobs API forms the basis for all long running asynchronous operations in the platform.

Job Lifecycle

A job is created by a service that performs a long running operation, such as video transcode or file import.

  1. When a job is created, it is queued for execution, and its status is initially set to 'pending'.
  2. Once the job execution commences, the job status is updated to 'working'.
  3. On job completion, the job status is updated to either 'success' or 'error', and the 'result' property is populated (prior to the job's completion, the 'result' field is null).

Get Job

jobManager.getJob('jobId', callback);

Get Job Group

jobManager.getJobGroup('jobGroupId', callback);

Image Consumption

The SDK provides a programmatic facility to generate image URLs

var Image = require('media-platform-js-sdk').Image;
* The Image constructor accepts a FileDescriptor, FileMetadata or URL  
var image = new Image(fileDescriptor);
var url = image.crop(200, 200).toUrl('http://<image host>').url;

File Metadata & Management

File Management API Documentation

File Metadata API Documentation

Wix Media Platform provides a comprehensive set of APIs tailored for management of previously uploaded files.

var fileManager = mediaPlatform.fileManager;

List Files in a Directory

var ListFilesRequest = require('media-platform-js-sdk').file.ListFilesRequest;
var listFilesRequest = new ListFilesRequest()
fileManager.listFiles('/directory', listFilesRequest, callback);

Get File Metadata (by id)

fileManager.getFileMetadataById('fileId', callback);

Delete File (by id or path)

fileManager.deleteFileById('fileId', callback);
fileManager.deleteFileByPath('/path/to/file.txt', callback);

Archive Functions

Archive API Documentation

Archive Creation

It is possible to create an archive from several files

var CreateArchiveRequest = require('media-platform-js-sdk').archive.CreateArchiveRequest;
var createArchiveRequest = new CreateArchiveRequest()
                        new Destination().setPath('/fish/').setAcl('public')
                        new Source().setFileId('file-to-archive')
mediaPlatform.archiveManager.createArchive(createArchiveRequest, function(job, error) {
    // handle job success

Archive Extraction

Instead of uploading numerous files one by one, it is possible to upload a single zip file and order the Media Platform to extract its content to a destination directory.

var ExtractArchiveRequest = require('media-platform-js-sdk').archive.ExtractArchiveRequest;
var destination = new Destination().setDirectory('/fish').setAcl('public');
var source = new Source().setFileId('archive-file-id');
var extractArchiveRequest = new ExtractArchiveRequest()
mediaPlatform.archiveManager.extractArchive(extractArchiveRequest, function(job, error) {
    // handle job success


Transcode API Documentation

To initiate a transcode request

var transcodeSpecification = new TranscodeSpecification()
    .setDestination(new Destination()
    .setQualityRange(new QualityRange()
var transcodeRequest = new TranscodeRequest()
    .addSource(new Source().setPath('/test/file.mp4'))
transcodeManager.transcodeVideo(transcodeRequest, function(error, data) {
    // handle response

Reporting Issues

Please use the issue tracker to report issues related to this library, or to the Wix Media Platform API in general.


We use a custom license, see

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