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    Construction in America relies a lot on the imperial mesuring system (which makes me extremely sad). I wanted a way to easily convert units on my website for readers that are only comfortable with one format. You can see the package at work at

    DISCLAMER: This package is not really production ready. There is still quite some work needed. Use at your own risk but feel free to open tickets or PRs if you want to use/contribute.


    • Support fractions like 1/2" (half an inch)
    • Support unit combinations like 6ft 4in
    • Support decimal value 1.94m
    • Small and focus (you might be able to do some of that with math.js but it is big!)


    • Since ' and " are respectively the shorthands for foot and inch, you cannot use these to separate thousands (like 1'000)
    • Decimal number are expected to use a dot (10.5 will work) and not a colon (10,5 won't work)
    • The output string doesn't support pluralization at the moment


    Install via yarn/npm:

    yarn global add measures

    And start using:

    Measures = require('measures')
    new Measures().from('6ft 4in 1/2').to('m')



    Measures can parse single units:

    • 10cm
    • 28 m
    • 6 inches

    As well as combined units and fractions:

    • 6' 4"
    • 5" 1/2
    • 5 1/2 "

    The supported units are:

    • Meter: m, meter, meters
    • Kilometer: km, kilometer, kilometers
    • Centimeter: cm, centimeter, centimeters
    • Millimeter: mm, millimeter, millimeters
    • Foot: ', ft, foot, feet
    • Inch: ", in, inch, inches
    • Yard: yd, yard, yards
    • Miles: mi, mile, miles


    Measures can convert a string to a single unit or multiple ones. You can use any of the units listed above. You can also add a precision (replace * with the unit you want):

    • *-round will return the rounded value
    • *-floor will return the rounded value downwards to the closest integer
    • *-ceil will return the rounded value upwards to the closest integer
    • *-n where n is an integer (like *-2) will allow n decimal digit

    For inches, you might want to format it as a fraction. You can do that with the precision:

    • *-/n where n is an integer in [2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64]. So *-/8 will return fraction where the denominator is 8 or less.

    Measures can parse any fraction you input but only returns an irreducible fraction up to a /64 precision.

    MIT License

    Do what you want with this. Feel free to contribute, fork, love, hate...


    • Fork this repository
    • Write a failing test case
    • Update the documentation if needed
    • Make a PR with a description that gives as much context as possible

    IMPORTANT: I will not merge a PR without proper testing and documentation.


    npm i measures

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