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Simple command line interface for installing and managing MEAN apps

MEAN Command Line

Source for npm package meanio. mean-cli is a core package of the project and is used primarily to manage packages for extending functionality, for example adding a package to enable inline editable tokens.

The cli provides a lot of useful functionality, such as scaffolding options to create new packages, assign roles to users, check the mongo status, add/remove packages and list currently installed packages.

See!/docs for more in-depth information about mean.

  • The bin file used for cli operations.
  • Core functionality for managing mean packages.

Install Package:

$ [sudo] npm install -g mean-cli

Explore CLI functionality:

$ mean --help

Create a new mean app:

$ mean init <NameOfYourApp>

Install Dependencies:

$ cd <NameOfYourApp> && npm install

Create a sample mean package:

$ mean package <NameOfYourPackage>

Run your app:

$ gulp