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md2html - Convert Markdown to HTML pages

This package produces HTML pages from Markdown input. CSS/JS is inlined, so every page is self-contained.


var md2html = require('md2html');
// File usage 
md2html.convert([''], function (error, htmlFiles) {...});
// String usage 
var htmlString = md2html.convertString(md);


Conversion and highlighting

This package uses marked to perform the Markdown conversion, and Prism (modified for use with Node) to perform syntax highlighting.

Both modules are made available, as md2html.marked and md2html.prism respectively.

Additional styling

Additional styling can be specified using

    "htmlHeader": "",
    "htmlFooter": "",
    "css": ...,
    "js": ...

Added HTML (content sections)

This package infers sections from the various title depths, and inserts <div class="section section1"> elements.

The whole content is wrapped inside a <div class="content"> tag.