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mDNS Listener Advanced

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⚠️ Major update Since version 3.0.0 this package is using a Typescript Implementation and it is fully tested on Mac OS 14.4 and windows 11 and ubuntu 20.04 If you have any issue feel free to open an issue here

Advanced mDNS Listener to add and listen .local hostnames in your network compatible with zeroconf, bonjour, avahi

I recommand using this python publisher since this code is fully compatible with it, if you dont have access to it you can contact me further bellow 😉 I can make you an offer.

  • Note that mdns-listener-advanced includes a bonjour publisher since version 3.1.0


  • Node 18 or later (we recommend using NVM) this package is using Node v20


npm install mdns-listener-advanced



Fully tested on windows 11, ubuntu 18 and Mac OS 14.

var mdnsListenerAdvanced = require("mdns-listener-advanced");
const mdns = new mdnsListenerAdvanced.Core(['MyDevice2']);
const event = mdns.listen();
event.on('response', (found_hostnames) => {
  console.log('found_hostnames', found_hostnames);
  // mdns.stop();// To stop the listener
event.on('error', (error) => {
  console.log('error', error);
  // mdns.stop();// To stop the listener

✅ Fully tested


import { Core, Device, EmittedEvent  } from 'mdns-listener-advanced';

const ref = 'MyDevice2';
const mdns = new Core([ref], null, {
  debug: false,
  disableListener: false,

const event = mdns.listen();
// Basic response of 'MyDevice2'
event.on(EmittedEvent.RESPONSE, (found_hostnames: Array<Device>) => {'found hostnames', found_hostnames);
  // mdns.stop();// To stop the listener
// Array of objects of different types
event.on(EmittedEvent.RAW_RESPONSE, (hosts: Array<object>) => {'raw response', hosts);
//Error occured
event.on(EmittedEvent.ERROR, (error: Error) => {'error', error);
  // mdns.stop();// To stop the listener
  • To Stop listening to the event use :

EmittedEvent Enum since v3.2.6 :

import { EmittedEvent } from 'mdns-listener-advanced';
Name Descripti
EmittedEvent.RESPONSE Emits when an mdns device is discovered
EmittedEvent.RAW_RESPONSE Emits raw data of the mdns response
EmittedEvent.ERROR Emits on any errors


Method 1

Provide hostnames list in the constructor like this :

var mdnsListenerAdvanced = require("mdns-listener-advanced");
const mdns = new mdnsListenerAdvanced.Core(['MyDevice1','MyDevice2']);

The file .mdns-hosts is created automatically.

Method 2

Add and Edit the file named .mdns-hosts, this file must be in your HOME directory for windows [HDD]:\Users\<username>\.mdns-hosts and for linux/Mac ~/.mdns-hosts, place hostnames ending on separate lines like so:


You can specify the hostnames that you want to detect !

Whenever you change this file, you should restart the service.

Publish and Unpublish a hostname

To publish a hostname you can use this example :

import { Core } from "mdns-listener-advanced";
const ref = "MyDevice2";
const mdns = new Core();
mdns.unpublishAll();// You can unpublish using this function


ℹ️ MDNS ADVANCED A hostname have been published with options {
  port: 3000,
  name: 'MyDevice2',
  type: 'TXT',
  txt: {
    id: '"510f56fb-cb61-45d6-8e01-be4ed49405bb"',
    ipv4: '""'

Note that a warning will appear if you initialise the Core of mdns-listener-advanced without providing a hostname list or ~/.mdns-hosts file path.

⚠️ MDNS ADVANCED Hostnames or path to hostnames is not provided, listening to a host is compromised!
  • At the moment you cannot unpublish services undividually or by hostname and there might be a way using the included bonjour library.

Details :

Functions Params Type Description
new mdnsListenerAdvanced.Core(['MyDevice2']); hostsList Array<string> List of hostnames
new advanced_mdns(..,mdnsHostsPath) mdnsHostsPath string Full path of your .mdns-hosts (not available)
new advanced_mdns(..,..,options) options {debug:boolean} Enable debug default value is false
new advanced_mdns(..,..,options) options {disableListener:boolean} Disable listener the default value is false set it to true to use only publish mode
.listen().on(event,callback(object)) event string To catch a response event when set to "response"
callback function(object) callback to do custome code
object object a received object i.e {MyDevice1:{...}}
.stop() to stop the event listener
.publish(hostname) hostname string to publish an mdns host protocol
.unpublishAll() to unpublish all mdns host protocol

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Other notes

Note: The original idea was from @Richie765 and got updated and enhanced, few parts of the original code might still exist.

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