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    Material Design Icons for Vue.js (reloaded 😎)

    npm Edit MDI Vue demo

    MDIVue came into life with the aim to provide an easy-to-use icon library for Vue with the use of Templarian's Material Desing Icons project.

    Breaking changes from 1.x to 2.x

    Since v2.x the library does not consist of generated components, but a wrapper specificly for the @mdi/js library and therefore comes in form of a plugin.

    Starting from version 2.1.2 the lib does not contain icon imports, these need to be provided upon registration of the plugin. This allows to obtain control over the build size of your project, since the list of components can be determined by the developer percisely.

    Vue 2 example

    import mdiVue from 'mdi-vue/v2'
    import * as mdijs from '@mdi/js'
    Vue.use(mdiVue, {
      icons: mdijs

    Vue 3 example

    import { createApp } from 'vue'
    import mdiVue from 'mdi-vue/v3'
    import * as mdijs from '@mdi/js'
    // `App` according to the vue 3 documentation
    createApp(App).use(mdiVue, {
      icons: mdijs
    }) // etc...

    For fun we add the react logo here

    <mdicon name="react" /> 


    Simply install it using your favourite package manager


    $ npm install --save mdi-vue @mdi/js
    $ yarn add mdi-vue @mdi/js

    Installing Under Nuxt.js

    Since the library isn't transpiled, the library needs to be added explicitly to build config.

    export default {
      // ...
      build: {
        transpile: ['mdi-vue']

    Import and usage

    MDIVue became a plugin with version 2.0 therefore it needs to be registered as such using the .use command.

    For Vue version 2 this happens globally with Vue.use() for version 3 however the "use" method became an instance method, therefore app.use() is the place to start with.

    Once the lib has been registered the component mdicon should be available across your project. To render an icon of your choice just pass the component the name prop with the desired icon.

    <mdicon name="hamburger" />


    name (required)

    The name of the icon to render in camel- or pascal case format.

    width and height (numeric or string; default: 24)

      <mdicon :width="30" :height="30 />

    size (numeric or string; default: 24)

    Sets the width and the height of the of an icon, given that no with or height was provided to the icon itself

      <mdicon name="playstation" size="64" />
      <mdicon name="alert" :size="512" />

    Since the size property serves as a fallback to both width and height properties the above examples are equal to the following ones

      <mdicon name="playstation" width="64" height="64" />
      <mdicon name="alert" :width="512" :height="512" />

    spin (boolean; default: false)

    Applies a css spin/rotate animation to the icon

      <mdicon name="cog" spin />
      <!-- or -->
      <mdicon name="cog" :spin="true" />

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