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    mdi-react npm package Material Design Icons version build status

    Material Design Icons for React/Preact packaged as single components

    New v8.2.0 released: See


    npm install mdi-react
    # or if you use Yarn
    yarn add mdi-react

    Support for Preact is available via the mdi-preact package.
    The mdi-preact package supports class as alternative to className.


    Just search for an icon on and look for its name.
    The name translates to PascalCase followed by the suffix Icon in mdi-react.
    Also it's possible to import with an alias. You can find them on the detail page of the respective icon.

    For example the icons named alert and alert-circle:

    import AlertIcon from 'mdi-react/AlertIcon';
    import AlertCircleIcon from 'mdi-react/AlertCircleIcon';
    const MyComponent = () => {
      return (
          {/* The default color is the current text color (currentColor) */}
          <AlertIcon color="#fff" />
          {/* The default size is 24 */}
          <AlertCircleIcon className="some-class" size={16} />
          {/* This sets the icon size to the current font size */}
          <AlertIcon size="1em" />

    To change the color on hover you can just use your own class and plain CSS.

    .some-class:hover {
      fill: red;

    You can also add default styling via the mdi-icon class.

    .mdi-icon {
      background-color: green;


    npm i mdi-react

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