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    Salesforce meta-data API smart deploy to sandboxes (don't use this for production)


    mdapi:deployrequires that all the code on your filesystem at the time of deploy, be defined in package.xml. See details here.

    I wanted to track all my sfdc in one repo, and be able to only deploy the metadata files that I'm working on at the moment, via the sfdx mdapi:deploy CLI command. mdapi-smart-deploy to the rescue..


    In a deploy-metadata.yaml specify what you want to deploy, and mdapi-smart-deploy will:

    1. Create a zip file containing a dynamically generated package.xml, with only the files you want to deploy.
    2. Invokes sfdx force:mdapi:deploy against your sandbox.
    3. Checks status of the deploy and reports errors


    1. Make sure the root of your git repo has a src dir (containing your SFDC source). src/package.xml can exist, it will be ignored.

    2. Set the enviornment var SFDC_SANDBOX_USERNAME to your sandbox username. Run sfdx force:org:list to view your usernames.

      • bash: export SFDC_SANDBOX_USERNAME=blah@youruser.blah
      • fish shell: set -x SFDC_SANDBOX_USERNAME blah@youruser.blah
    3. Create a deploy-metadata.yaml in your root specifying entries you would normally put in package.xml. example

    4. Run the following from the root of your repo

      npx mdapi-smart-deploy
    5. Before promoting changes from your sandbox (to prod for example), remember to modify your src/package.xml to include your changes (--only-gen-package-xml can help generate the additions you need to make).


    Please see the examples directory


    • --src-dir: specify the directory your metata files (code) lives. Relative to the root of your git repo. Defaults to src.
    • --only-gen-package-xml: will ONLY generate and print package.xml contents to stdout. Will not invoke mdapi:deploy
    • --verbose: for debugging the tool

    Known issues

    Big one is, only a few metadata types are supported today. See this issue


    npm i mdapi-smart-deploy

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