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Tiny client for distributed S3/Swift storages

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High availability, Performances, and Simplicity are the main focus of this tiny Node client to request AWS S3 API or the OpenStack Swift Object Storage API. It was initially made to request OVHCloud, but it can be used for any Server/Cloud provider.


  • 🦄 Simple to use - Only 10 methods: uploadFile, downloadFile, deleteFile, listFiles, listBuckets, headBucket, setFileMetadata, getFileMetadata, deleteFiles and request for custom requests.
  • 🚀 Performances - Vanilla JS + Only 2 dependencies rock-req as HTTP client and aws4 for signing S3 requests.
  • 🌎 High availability - Provide one or a list of storages credentials: the SDK will switch storage if something goes wrong (Server/DNS not responding, timeout, error 500, too many redirection, authentication error, and more...). As soon as the main storage is available, the SDK returns to the main storage
  • Reconnect automatically - If a request fails due to an authentication token expiration, the SDK fetches a new authentication token and retry the initial request with it (Concerns only Swift Storage).
  • 100% tested - Production battle-tested against hundreds of TBs of file uploads, downloads and deletes
  • 👉 Convert XML/JSON responses to JS - XML/JSON responses are automatically converted into Objects/Arrays (Concerns only: listFiles, listBuckets and Errors).
  • 🚩 Mixing S3 and Swift credentials is not supported - When initialising the Tiny SDK client, provide only a list of S3 or a list of Swift credentials, switching from one storage system to another is not supported.

Getting Start

Install and setup in less than 2 minutes:

Supported Methods

Swift API S3 API Method Description
example example uploadFile Upload a file from a Buffer or file absolute path.
example example downloadFile Download a file as Buffer or Stream
example example deleteFile Delete a file
example example deleteFiles Bulk delete files (1000 max/per request)
example example listFiles List files (1000 max/per requests) use query parameters for pagination
example example getFileMetadata Fetch custom metadatas
example example setFileMetadata Set custom file metadatas
example example headBucket Determine if a bucket exists and you have permission to access it
example example listBuckets Returns a list of all buckets owned by the authenticated sender of the request.
example example request Create custom requests
example connection Connection is required only for Openstack Swift Object storage to get a unique auth token
example example Bucket Alias Simplify requests by using bucket alias

S3 Example

The following exemple is an initialisation of the SDK client with a list of S3 credentials and a request to download a file. If something goes wrong when downloading the file, the SDK will switch storage and retry to download with the second credentials. As soon as the first storage is available, the SDK returns to the main storage

const storageClient = require('tiny-storage-client');

const s3storage = storageClient([{
    accessKeyId    : 'accessKeyId',
    secretAccessKey: 'secretAccessKey',
    url            : '',
    region         : 'gra'
    accessKeyId    : 'accessKeyId',
    secretAccessKey: 'secretAccessKey',
    url            : '',
    region         : 'eu-west-3'

s3storage.downloadFile('bucketName', 'filename.pdf', (err, resp) => {
  if (err) {
    return console.log("Error on download: ", err);
   * Request reponse:
   * - resp.body => downloaded file as Buffer
   * - resp.headers
   * - resp.statusCode

Run tests


$ npm install

To run all the tests:

$ npm run test

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check issues page.

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