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🎄 md-editor-v3

English | 中文

Markdown editor for vue3, developed in jsx and typescript.

  • Documentation and example: Go

  • Use it online: Go

  • The same series editor for react: md-editor-rt

⭐️ Features

  • Toolbar, screenfull or screenfull in web pages and so on.
  • Themes, Built-in default and dark themes.
  • Shortcut key for editor.
  • Beautify your content by prettier(only for markdown content, not the code and other text).
  • Multi-language, build-in Chinese and English(default: Chinese).
  • Upload picture, paste or clip the picture and upload it.
  • Render article directly(no editor, no event listener, only preview of content).
  • Theme of preview, default, vuepress, github, cyanosis, mk-cute, smart-blue styles(not identical). It can be customized also(Refer to example page).
  • mermaid(>=1.8.0), katex mathematical formula(>=1.9.0).
  • Customize the toolbar as you like.
  • On-demand Import(>=4.0.0).

📦 Install

yarn add md-editor-v3

Use existing extension of language and theme, such as Japanese

yarn add @vavt/cm-extension

Use existing components of toolbar, such as exporting content as PDF

yarn add @vavt/v3-extension

For more ways to use or contribute, please refer to: md-editor-extension

💡 Usage

✍🏻 Display Editor

  <MdEditor v-model="text" />

<script setup>
import { ref } from 'vue';
import { MdEditor } from 'md-editor-v3';
import 'md-editor-v3/lib/style.css';

const text = ref('# Hello Editor');

^4.0.0, internal components can be imported on-demand.

If there are multiple editors on the page, please set different editorId for each editor!

📖 Preview Only

  <MdPreview :editorId="id" :modelValue="text" />
  <MdCatalog :editorId="id" :scrollElement="scrollElement" />

<script setup>
import { ref } from 'vue';
import { MdPreview, MdCatalog } from 'md-editor-v3';
import 'md-editor-v3/lib/preview.css';

const id = 'preview-only';
const text = ref('# Hello Editor');
const scrollElement = document.documentElement;

🗺 Preview

Default theme Dark theme Preview only

Inputing prompt and mark, emoji extensions

🎁 Apis

🔖 MdPreivew Props

name type default description
modelValue string '' Markdown content, use v-model in vue template
theme 'light' | 'dark' 'light' Editor theme
class string ''
language string 'zh-CN' Build-in language('zh-CN','en-US')
editorId string 'md-editor-v3' Editor's id, it is used when there are more than two editors in the same page
showCodeRowNumber boolean false Show row number for code block or not
previewTheme 'default' | 'github' | 'vuepress' | 'mk-cute' | 'smart-blue' | 'cyanosis' 'default' Theme of preview, can be customized
style string | CSSProperties {} Inline style
noMermaid boolean false Use mermaid or not
noKatex boolean false Use katex or not
codeTheme 'atom' | 'a11y' | 'github' | 'gradient' | 'kimbie' | 'paraiso' | 'qtcreator' | 'stackoverflow' 'atom' Highlight code style, can be customized also
mdHeadingId (text: string, level: number, index: number) => string (text) => text H1-H6 ID generator
sanitize (html: string) => string (html) => html Sanitize the html, prevent XSS. After 3.x, dangerous code has been processed by default. Please do not use this attribute unless there are special requirements
noIconfont boolean false Not append iconfont script, download different versions SVGFont Class and import it by yourself
formatCopiedText (text: string) => string (text: string) => text Format copied code
codeStyleReverse boolean true Code style will be reversed to dark while code block of the theme has a dark background
codeStyleReverseList Array<string> ['default', 'mk-cute'] Themes to be reversed
noHighlight boolean false Highlight code or not
noImgZoomIn boolean false Enable the function of enlarging images
customIcon CustomIcon {} Customized icons
sanitizeMermaid (h: string) => Promise<string> (h: string) => Promise.resolve(h) Convert the generated mermaid code
codeFoldable boolean true Whether to enable code folding feature
autoFoldThreshold number 30 Threshold for triggering automatic code folding by line count

🔩 MdEditor Props

Except for the same as MdPreview:

name type default description
pageFullscreen boolean false Screenfull in web page
preview boolean true Preview content in editor
htmlPreview boolean false Preview html in editor(If true, preview must be false)
toolbars Array<ToolbarNames | number> [toolbars] Show contents of toolbar, all keyssee toolbars below
toolbarsExclude Array<ToolbarNames | number> [] Don't show contents of toolbar, all keystoolbars
noPrettier boolean false Use prettier to beautify content or not
tabWidth number 2 One tab eq some spaces
tableShape [number, number] | [number, number, number, number] [6, 4] Preset the size of the table, [columns, rows, Maximum number of columns, Maximum number of rows]
placeholder string ''
footers Array<'markdownTotal' | '=' | 'scrollSwitch' | number> ['markdownTotal', '=', 'scrollSwitch'] Show contents of footer, they are divided by '='. Set it to [] to hidden footer
scrollAuto boolean true Scroll default setting
noUploadImg boolean false Not show the entrance to upload pictures
autoFocus boolean false same as autofocus in native textarea
disabled boolean false same as disabled in native textarea
readOnly boolean false same as readonly in native textarea
maxLength number same as maxlength in native textarea
autoDetectCode boolean false auto detect the type of pasted code, only support that copied from vscode
completions Array<CompletionSource> [] @codemirror/autocomplete List of function to match keywords
showToolbarName boolean false Show toolbar name or not
inputBoxWitdh string '50%' Default width of input box
transformImgUrl (imgUrl: string) => string | Promise<string> t => t Transform image links
  'task', // ^2.4.0

You can sort the toolbar as you like, split tools by '-', the left and right toolbars are divided by '='

You can customize the toolbar. To display them, put index of defToolbars into toolbars(this is not standard), for more usage, please refer to docs.


Expand language, you need to replace all the content here:

export interface ToolbarTips {
  bold?: string;
  underline?: string;
  italic?: string;
  strikeThrough?: string;
  title?: string;
  sub?: string;
  sup?: string;
  quote?: string;
  unorderedList?: string;
  orderedList?: string;
  task?: string; // ^2.4.0
  codeRow?: string;
  code?: string;
  link?: string;
  image?: string;
  table?: string;
  mermaid?: string;
  katex?: string;
  revoke?: string;
  next?: string;
  save?: string;
  prettier?: string;
  pageFullscreen?: string;
  fullscreen?: string;
  catalog?: string;
  preview?: string;
  previewOnly?: string;
  htmlPreview?: string;
  github?: string;
  '-'?: string;
  '='?: string;

export interface StaticTextDefaultValue {
  // Toolbar hover tips(html title)
  toolbarTips?: ToolbarTips;
  // H1-H6 dropdown menu item
  titleItem?: {
    h1?: string;
    h2?: string;
    h3?: string;
    h4?: string;
    h5?: string;
    h6?: string;
  imgTitleItem?: {
    link: string;
    upload: string;
    clip2upload: string;
  // The modal tips of add link or upload picture
  linkModalTips?: {
    linkTitle?: string;
    imageTitle?: string;
    descLabel?: string;
    descLabelPlaceHolder?: string;
    urlLabel?: string;
    urlLabelPlaceHolder?: string;
    buttonOK?: string;
  // The modal tips of clip the picture, v1.2.0
  clipModalTips?: {
    title?: string;
    buttonUpload?: string;
  copyCode?: {
    text?: string;
    successTips?: string;
    failTips?: string;
  mermaid?: {
    flow?: string;
    sequence?: string;
    gantt?: string;
    class?: string;
    state?: string;
    pie?: string;
    relationship?: string;
    journey?: string;
  katex?: {
    // formula inline
    inline: string;
    // formula block
    block: string;
  footer?: {
    markdownTotal: string;
    scrollAuto: string;

🧵 MdPreview Events

name type description
onHtmlChanged html: string Compile markdown successful event, you can use it to get the html code
onGetCatalog list: Array<HeadList> Get catalog of article

🪢 MdEditor Events

Except for the same as MdPreview:

name type description
onChange value: string Content changed(bind to oninput of textarea)
onSave value: string, html: Promise<string> Saving content, ctrl+s and clicking button will trigger it
onUploadImg files: Array<File>, callback: (urls: string[] | { url: string; alt: string; title: string }[]) => void Uploading picture, when picture is uploading the modal will not close, please provide right urls to the callback function
onError err: { name: 'Cropper' | 'fullscreen' | 'prettier' | 'overlength'; message: string } Catch run-time error, Cropper, fullscreen and prettier are used when they are not loaded. And content exceeds the length limit error
onBlur event: FocusEvent Textarea has lost focus
onFocus event: FocusEvent Textarea has received focus
onInput event: Event Element gets input
onDrop event: DragEvent Selection is being dragged
onInputBoxWitdhChange (width: string) => void Width of input box has been changed

🎍 Slots

name type default description
defToolbars Array<DropdownToolbar | NormalToolbar | ModalToolbar> null Custom toolbar in DropdownToolbar, NormalToolbar or ModalToolbar
defFooters Array<string | VNode | JSX.Element> null Custom footer

NormalToolbar example:

    <template #defToolbars>
      <NormalToolbar title="mark" @onClick="handler">
        <template #trigger>
          <svg class="md-editor-icon" aria-hidden="true">
            <use xlink:href="#md-editor-icon-mark"></use>

<script setup lang="ts">
import { MdEditor, NormalToolbar } from 'md-editor-v3';
import 'md-editor-v3/lib/style.css';

const handler = () => {
  console.log('NormalToolbar clicked!');

🤱🏼 Expose

After 2.5.0, Editor exposes several methods on the instance, used to get or change the internal status of the editor.

  <MdEditor ref="editorRef" />

<script setup lang="ts">
import { ref, onMounted } from 'vue';
import { MdEditor } from 'md-editor-v3';
import type { ExposeParam } from 'md-editor-v3';
import 'md-editor-v3/lib/style.css';

const editorRef = ref<ExposeParam>();

onMounted(() => {
  editorRef.value?.on('catalog', console.log);

Switched to the opposite status, if toggle without input parameter.

👂🏼 on

Get the internal state of the editor, including pageFullscreen, fullscreen, preview, htmlPreview, catalog, etc.

  • pageFullscreen

    editorRef.value?.on('pageFullscreen', (status) => console.log(status));
  • fullscreen

    editorRef.value?.on('fullscreen', (status) => console.log(status));
  • preview

    editorRef.value?.on('preview', (status) => console.log(status));
  • previewOnly

    editorRef.value?.on('previewOnly', (status) => console.log(status));
  • htmlPreview

    editorRef.value?.on('htmlPreview', (status) => console.log(status));
  • catalog

    editorRef.value?.on('catalog', (status) => console.log(status));

💻 togglePageFullscreen

Toggle status of fullscreen within the page.


🖥 toggleFullscreen

Toggle status of fullscreen widthin browser.


📖 togglePreview

Toggle status of preview.


📖 togglePreviewOnly

Toggle into Preview Only Mode.


📼 toggleHtmlPreview

Toggle status of htmlPreview.


🧬 toggleCatalog

Toggle status of catalog.


💾 triggerSave


💉 insert

Manually insert content into textarea.

 * @params selectedText
editorRef.value?.insert((selectedText) => {
   * @return targetValue    Content to be inserted
   * @return select         Automatically select content, default: true
   * @return deviationStart Start position of the selected content, default: 0
   * @return deviationEnd   End position of the selected content, default: 0
  return {
    targetValue: `${selectedText}`,
    select: true,
    deviationStart: 0,
    deviationEnd: 0

For more examples, refer to source code of extension component

🎯 focus

Focus on textarea.

import type { FocusOption } from 'md-editor-v3';

const option: FocusOption | undefined = 'start';

// Cursor position when focusing on textarea, default: position when it last lost focus

✒️ rerender

Re render the content.


🔍 getSelectedText

Get the currently selected text.


🗑 resetHistory

Clear current history.

🎛 domEventHandlers

Supports listening to all DOM events.

  compositionstart: () => {

🎛 execCommand

Insert content into the editor via trigger.


💴 Config Editor

Use config(option: ConfigOption) to reconfigure markdown-it and so on.


Customize new extensions based on theme and default extensions f codeMirror.

Example: Editor does not render the line number of textarea by default, this extension needs to be manually added

import { config } from 'md-editor-v3';
import { lineNumbers } from '@codemirror/view';

  codeMirrorExtensions(_theme, extensions) {
    return [...extensions, lineNumbers()];


Customize extensions, attributes of markdown-it, etc.

type MarkdownItConfig = (
  md: markdownit,
  options: {
    editorId: string;
) => void;

Example: Use markdown-it-anchor to render a hyperlink symbol to the right of the title

import { config } from 'md-editor-v3';
import ancher from 'markdown-it-anchor';

  markdownItConfig(mdit) {
    mdit.use(ancher, {
      permalink: true


Select and add built-in plugins to markdown-it.

type MarkdownItPlugins = (
  plugins: Array<MarkdownItConfigPlugin>,
  options: {
    editorId: string;
) => Array<MarkdownItConfigPlugin>;

Example: Modify the class name of the image.

import { config } from 'md-editor-v3';

  markdownItPlugins(plugins) {
    return => {
      if (p.type === 'image') {
        return {
          options: {
            classes: 'my-class'

      return p;


Add more languages, reset mermaid template or delay rendering time:

import { config } from 'md-editor-v3';

  editorConfig: {
    languageUserDefined: { lang: StaticTextDefaultValue },
    mermaidTemplate: {
      flow: `flow tempalte`,
    // Default 500ms. It is set to 0ms when preview only and not set.
    renderDelay: 500,
    // for modal component
    zIndex: 2000


Config some dependency libraries, like highlight..

import { config } from 'md-editor-v3';

  editorExtensions: { iconfont: '' }
export interface EditorExtensions {
  highlight?: {
    instance?: any;
    js?: string;
    css?: {
      [key: string]: {
        light: string;
        dark: string;
  prettier?: {
    standaloneJs?: string;
    parserMarkdownJs?: string;
  cropper?: {
    instance?: any;
    js?: string;
    css?: string;
  iconfont?: string;
  screenfull?: {
    instance?: any;
    js?: string;
  mermaid?: {
    instance?: any;
    js?: string;
  katex?: {
    instance?: any;
    js?: string;
    css?: string;


Synchronously add attributes to the CDN link tags, consistent with the type of editorExtensions, with a value type of HTMLElementTagNameMap['tagName'].

import { config, editorExtensionsAttrs } from 'md-editor-rt';


Do not attempt to define the src \ onload \ id of the script and rel \ href \ id of the link in editorExtensionsAttrs, as they will be overwritten by default values

🫨 iconfontType

Set the way to display icons:

  • svg: with symbol
  • class: with font-class

If the icon is customized through the attribute customIcon, the customized icon will be used first.

🎨 mermaidConfig

Configure mermaid, Details

import { config } from 'md-editor-v3';

  mermaidConfig(base: any) {
    return {
      logLevel: 'error'

🪡 Shortcut Key

Pay attention: shortcut keys are only available when the textarea has received focus!

key function description
TAB insert space Insert space, the length eq tabWidth, default: 2, support multiline
SHIFT + TAB delete space, setting is the same as Tab
CTRL + C copy When selected, copy the selected content. When not selected, copy the content of the current line
CTRL + X shear When selected, cut the selected content. When not selected, cut the current line
CTRL + D delete When selected, delete the selected content. When not selected, delete the current line
CTRL + S save Trigger onSave event
CTRL + B bold text **bold**
CTRL + U underline <u>underline</u>
CTRL + I italic *italic*
CTRL + 1-6 h1-h6 # title
CTRL + ↑ superscript <sup>superscript</sup>
CTRL + ↓ subscript <sub>subscript</sub>
CTRL + O ordered list 1. ordered list
CTRL + L link [link](
CTRL + Z withdraw Withdraw history in editor, not the function of system
CTRL + SHIFT + S line-through ~line-through~
CTRL + SHIFT + U unordered list - unordered list
CTRL + SHIFT + C code block
CTRL + SHIFT + I picture ![picture](
CTRL + SHIFT + Z forward Forward history in editor, not the function of system
CTRL + SHIFT + F Beautify
CTRL + ALT + C code row
CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + T table |table|

🪤 Internal Components

<script lang="ts" setup>
import { NormalToolbar } from 'md-editor-v3';

On-demand import. For more examples, refer to document.

🐣 NormalToolbar


  • props

    • title: string, not necessary, title of toolbar.
  • events

    • onClick: (e: MouseEvent) => void, necessary.
  • slots

    • trigger: VNode | JSX.Element, necessary, it is usually an icon, which is displayed on the toolbar.

🐼 DropdownToolbar


  • props

    • title: string, not necessary, title of toolbar.
    • visible: boolean, necessary.
  • events

    • onChange: (visible: boolean) => void, necessary.
  • slots

    • trigger: VNode | JSX.Element, necessary, it is usually an icon, which is displayed on the toolbar.
    • overlay: VNode | JSX.Element, necessary, content of dropdown box.

🦉 ModalToolbar


  • props

    • title: string, not necessary, title of toolbar.
    • modalTitle: string, not necessary, title of the Modal.
    • visible: boolean, necessary, visibility of Modal.
    • width: string, not necessary, width of Modal, default auto.
    • height: string, same as width.
    • showAdjust: boolean, not necessary, visibility of fullscreen button.
    • isFullscreen: boolean, necessary when showAdjust = true, status of fullscreen.
  • events

    • onClick: () => void, necessary.
    • onClose: () => void, necessary, closed event.
    • onAdjust: (val: boolean) => void, fullscreen button was clicked.
  • slots

    • trigger: VNode | JSX.Element, necessary, it is usually an icon, which is displayed on the toolbar.
    • default: VNode | JSX.Element, necessary, content of Modal.

🐻 MdCatalog


  • props

    • editorId: string, necessary, same as editor's editorId, used to register listening events.
    • class: string, not necessary.
    • mdHeadingId: MdHeadingId, not necessary, same as editor.
    • scrollElement: string | HTMLElement, not necessary, it is an element selector when its type is string. When previewOnly eq true, it is usually set to document.documentElement.
    • theme: 'light' | 'dark', not necessary, provide it when you want to change theme online, it is the same as Editor theme.
    • offsetTop: number, not necessary, highlight current item of catalogs when title is offsetTop pixels from the top, default 20.
    • scrollElementOffsetTop: number, not necessary, offsetTop of the scroll container,default 0.
  • events

    • onClick: (e: MouseEvent, t: TocItem) => void, not necessary, heading was clicked.
    • onActive: (heading: HeadList | undefined) => void, not necessary, heading was highlighted.

🛸 MdModal


  • props

    • title: string, not necessary, title of Modal.
    • visible: boolean, necessary, visibility of Modal.
    • width: string, not necessary, width of Modal, default auto.
    • height: string, same as width.
    • showAdjust: boolean, not necessary, visibility of fullscreen button.
    • isFullscreen: boolean, necessary when showAdjust = true, status of fullscreen.
    • className: string, not necessary.
    • style: CSSProperties, not necessary.
  • events

    • onClose: () => void, necessary, closed event.
    • onAdjust: (val: boolean) => void, fullscreen button was clicked.
  • slots

    • default: VNode | JSX.Element, necessary, content of Modal.

🪤 Internal Configuration

import {
} from 'md-editor-v3';

console.log(iconfontClassUrl, iconfontSvgUrl, allToolbar, allFooter, zh_CN, en_US);

🗂 Examples

🎸 Jsx Template

import { defineComponent, reactive } from 'vue';
import { MdEditor } from 'md-editor-v3';
import 'md-editor-v3/lib/style.css';

export default defineComponent({
  setup() {
    const md = reactive({
      text: '# Hello Editor'
    return () => (
      <MdEditor modelValue={md.text} onChange={(value) => (md.text = value)} />

🥹 Upload Picture

Tips: When you paste and upload GIF, it will upload a static picture. So you should upload it by file system!

  <MdEditor v-model="text" @onUploadImg="onUploadImg" />

<script setup>
import { ref } from 'vue';
import axios from 'axios';
import { MdEditor } from 'md-editor-v3';
import 'md-editor-v3/lib/style.css';

const text = ref('# Hello Editor');

const onUploadImg = async (files, callback) => {
  const res = await Promise.all( => {
      return new Promise((rev, rej) => {
        const form = new FormData();
        form.append('file', file);

          .post('/api/img/upload', form, {
            headers: {
              'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data'
          .then((res) => rev(res))
          .catch((error) => rej(error));

  // Approach 1
  callback( =>;

  // Approach 2
  // callback(
  // any) => ({
  //     url:,
  //     alt: 'alt',
  //     title: 'title'
  //   }))
  // );

🧙‍♂️ Change Styles

.css-vars(@isDark) {
  --md-color: if(@isDark, #999, #222);
  --md-hover-color: if(@isDark, #bbb, #000);
  --md-bk-color: if(@isDark, #000, #fff);
  --md-bk-color-outstand: if(@isDark, #111, #f6f6f6);
  --md-bk-hover-color: if(@isDark, #1b1a1a, #f5f7fa);
  --md-border-color: if(@isDark, #2d2d2d, #e6e6e6);
  --md-border-hover-color: if(@isDark, #636262, #b9b9b9);
  --md-border-active-color: if(@isDark, #777, #999);
  --md-modal-mask: #00000073;
  --md-scrollbar-bg-color: if(@isDark, #0f0f0f, #e2e2e2);
  --md-scrollbar-thumb-color: if(@isDark, #2d2d2d, #0000004d);
  --md-scrollbar-thumb-hover-color: if(@isDark, #3a3a3a, #00000059);
  --md-scrollbar-thumb-active-color: if(@isDark, #3a3a3a, #00000061);

.md-editor {

.md-editor-dark {

Change background color in dark mode:

.md-editor-dark {
  --md-bk-color: #333 !important;

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