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Native Angular2 Material Autocomplete component



HTML sample code

<md-autocomplete [items]="items"
                 placeholder="Placeholder Text">

TS sample code


import {MdAutocomplete} from 'md/autocomplete';

   selector: "...",
   directives: [MdAutocomplete]

export class ... {
   private items: Array<any> =
           { name: 'Amsterdam', value: '1' },
           { name: 'Birmingham', value: '2' },
           { name: 'Dortmund', value: '3' },
           { name: 'Gothenburg', value: '4' },
           { name: 'London', value: '5' },
           { name: 'Seville', value: '6' }

   private item: string = '3';

   private selected(value: any) {
       console.log('Selected value is: ', value);




  • items - (Array<any>) - Array of items from which to select. Should be an array of objects with value and text properties. As convenience, you may also pass an array of strings, in which case the same string is used for both the VALUE and the text. Items may be nested by adding a children property to any item, whose value should be another array of items. Items that have children may omit having an ID. If items are specified, all items are expected to be available locally and all selection operations operate on this local array only. If omitted, items are not available locally, and the query option should be provided to fetch data.
  • ngModel (?Array<any>) - two way data binding. This should be an array with single string or object of value and text properties in the case of input type 'Single', or an array of such objects otherwise. This option is mutually exclusive with value.
  • placeholder (?string='') - Placeholder text to display when the element has no focus and selected items.
  • disabled (?boolean=false) - When true, it specifies that the component should be disabled.
  • item-text (?string='text') - When items array is different with object properties then map 'text' property with the array.
  • item-value (?string='') - Map items array with object to return 'value' and update 'ngModel' object with the value property, if item-value is null then it return 'value' as whole object of selected item from list.


  • change - it fires after a new option selected; returns object with value and name properties that describes a new option.

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