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MBTCPPROTOCOL is a library that allows communication to PLCs and controllers using MODBUS/TCP or MODBUS RTU over TCP.

It supports (in beta) a Modbus slave connected with a non-Modbus serial/Ethernet converter. Use the RTU option.

There is not yet support for double-precision floating point (64 bit) but this could be added with an appropriate test platform.

IMPORTANT: You usually must specify the slave ID as part of the tag when the default of 1 is not good enough.

IMPORTANT: The default ID up to and including version 0.1.12 is 255. The default ID after that is 1, to mimic the old behavior, set defaultID: 255 in the connection parameters.

Tag format supports the following: TAG1=00001SLAVE2 // Leading zeros optional, 1-based "coils". Read/write. Always writes with "force multiple coils" FC15, never uses the single.
TAG1=00001,100 // Array of coils from slave 1 (formerly 255). Read/write.
TAG1=10001 // Input status. Read-only.
TAG1=10001,100 // Input status array. Read-only.
TAG1=30001 // Input register. Read-only.
TAG1=30001,100 // Input register array. Read-only.
TAG1=30001:REAL,100 // Input register array as REAL. Read-only. Assumes skip registers, like first is 30001, next is 30003, etc.
TAG1=30001:WSREAL,100 // Input register array as word-swapped REAL. Read-only. Assumes skip registers, like first is 30001, next is 30003, etc.
TAG1=30001:DINT // Input register as DINT TAG1=30001:WSDINT // Input register as word-swapped DINT TAG1=30001:DWORD // Input register as unsigned DINT TAG1=30001:WSDWORD // Input register as word-swapped unsigned DINT TAG1=30001.0,15 // First Input register split into bits (read-only) TAG1=40001 // Holding register. Read-only.
TAG1=40001,100 // Holding register array. Read-only.
TAG1=40001:REAL,100 // Holding register array as REAL. Assumes skip registers, like first is 40001, next is 40003, etc.
TAG1=40001:WSREAL,100 // Holding register array as word-swapped REAL. Assumes skip registers, like first is 40001, next is 40003, etc.
TAG1=40001:DINTSLAVE2 // Holding register as DINT, from slave 1 TAG1=40001:WSDINTSLAVE2 // Holding register as word-swapped DINT, from slave 1 TAG1=40001:DWORD // Holding register as unsigned DINT TAG1=40001:WSDWORD // Holding register as word-swapped unsigned DINT TAG1=40001.3 // Holding register bit (IMPORTANT NOTE: read-only - can't write individual bits of 4000x registers) TAG1=RD90 // Holding register 40091 as double integer TAG1=R190 // Holding register 40191 as integer


npm install mbtcpprotocol

Example usage:

var NodeMBTCP = require('mbtcpprotocol');
var conn = new NodeMBTCP();
var doneReading = false;
var doneWriting = false;

conn.initiateConnection({port: 502, host: '', defaultID: 1, RTU: false}, connected); // defaultID defaults to 1 and RTU defaults to false but shown here for illustration

function connected(err) {
	if (typeof(err) !== "undefined") {
		// We have an error.  Maybe the PLC is not reachable.  
//	conn.addItems(['TEST1', 'TEST4']);
//	conn.removeItems(['TEST2', 'TEST3']);  // Demo.  
//	conn.writeItems(['TEST5', 'TEST6'], [ 867.5309, 9 ], valuesWritten);  // You can write an array of items.  
//	conn.writeItems('TEST7', [ 666, 777 ], valuesWritten);  // You can write a single array item too.  

function valuesReady(anythingBad) {
	if (anythingBad) { console.log("SOMETHING WENT WRONG READING VALUES!!!!"); }
	console.log("Value is " + conn.findItem('TEST1').value + " quality is " + conn.findItem('TEST1').quality);
	doneReading = true;
	if (doneWriting) { process.exit(); }

function valuesWritten(anythingBad) {
	if (anythingBad) { console.log("SOMETHING WENT WRONG WRITING VALUES!!!!"); }
	console.log("Done writing.");
	doneWriting = true;
	if (doneReading) { process.exit(); }

// This is a very simple "tag lookup" callback function that would eventually be replaced with either a database findOne(), or a large array in memory.  
// Note that the return value is a controller absolute address and datatype specifier.  
// If you want to use absolute addresses only, you can do that too.  
function tagLookup(tag) {
	switch (tag) {
case 'TEST1':
	return "030SLAVE1";
	case 'TEST2':
		return '40100.0SLAVE1';
	case 'TEST3':
		return '40101.1SLAVE1';	
	case 'TEST4':
		return '30001.1SLAVE1';		
	case 'TEST5':
		return '00008SLAVE1';		
	case 'TEST6':
		return '00003,20SLAVE1';
	case 'TEST7':
		return '00001,3000SLAVE1';
	case 'TEST8':
		return '40001:DINTSLAVE1';
	case 'TEST9':
		return '40001:DINT,400SLAVE1';
	case 'TEST10':
		return '30001.0,16SLAVE1';	
		return undefined;


npm i mbtcpprotocol

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