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Make a Website

npm install maw

Make a static HTML page with some CSS, JS, and assets. Contains just the tools you need to write modern code and avoid repeating yourself. A gulpfile and webpack config in a box.

If you want to make a serious website with lots of pages, or you need a lot of customization or features, don't use this project. You'll be much better served by something like Gatsby or Hexo.

Using the tool

maw dev in the root of the project watches the /src directory, and puts the output in /build whenever files change.

maw build builds the site and puts the output in /build.

You probably want to npm install --save-dev maw and then add the above commands to a package.json, like in this site.


All of these are nested inside /src in the root of your project.


This is for static files, which are copied directly into the output. That includes images, fonts, and pre-bundled libraries you want to use.

/index.less and /less

index.less is compiled into index.css. The /less directory is watched for LESS imports, so basically put everything except index.less in there.

/index.html and /templates

index.html is compiled into index.html and any handlebars code is evaluated against the files in /templates. The name of the template is the filename without the extension, for example nav.html can be included with {{> nav}}.

Multiple index.html files

You can nest multiple index.html files, for example /about/index.html, to give your website multiple pages.


data.js should export any data you want to use in your handlebars templates, like so:

module.exports = {
  hello: 'world',

And then you can use it with:

  Hello, {{hello}}!


index.js is a JavaScript entry point module that will be compiled with Webpack. Currently, no loaders are enabled.


  • Minification
  • Make it possible to set root directory to either the root of the repo or something other than /src