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This package provides a basic skin and Matrix client using the matrix-react-sdk.

Getting started

To build and start a server serving the basic client:

  1. Install or update node.js so that your npm is at least at version 2.0.0
  2. Clone the repo: git clone
  3. Switch to the SDK directory: cd matrix-react-sdk
  4. Install the prerequisites: npm install
  5. Build the example and start a server: npm start

Now open in your browser to see your newly built Matrix client.

Components of This Package

This package comprises the following:

  • A basic skin in src/skins/base. This contains the HTML (in React JSX) and CSS that's presented in the client. This matches the controller logic in matrix-react-sdk.
  • The containing app source in src/app. The index.js file here imports matrix-react-sdk and loads the base skin from this package. It then asks the sdk for the MatrixChat component and uses React to render it into the page.
  • The bootstrap HTML for the app in index.html. This imports the javascript bundle file that gets built in the build process as well as the CSS bundle file. It contains basic skeleton HTML and an element where the app gets rendered.
  • The package manifest and build instructions in package.json. This contains all the commands used for building the source files, javascript and CSS bundles.
  • The webpack config in webpack.config.json which contains the basic parameters webpack needs to build the bundled javascript.

Building On Top of matrix-react-skin

See the file in matrix-react-sdk for more on making an application with the react SDK and basic skin. An example of building a derived skin, is provided in examples/custom and explained in examples/custom/




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