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Matrices for Node

The matrices package provides some typical matrix calculations, with more added as deemed necessary. Operations include addition, negation, product, transposition, augmentation, slicing, equality with precision, and finding the norm, determinant, and inverse.

To install matrices, do this:

$ npm install matrices


This code uses the Beans toolset to build Node and browser JavaScript, as well as documentation. The easiset way to work on the source is by installing dependencies and running Beans from there:

$ npm install
$ npm run-script build

Otherwise you can use the CoffeeScript compiler to build things in a way you like, e.g. by running:

$ coffee -c -o lib src


Another way to get annotated source code is to clone this repository and use Docco with Beans:

$ npm run-script docs

Or standalone:

$ docco src/*.coffee src/**/*.coffee

A docs directory should be created in the working directory root.