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    Material Icon Theme

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    The Material Icon Theme provides lots of icons based on Material Design for Visual Studio Code.

    File icons

    file icons

    Folder icons

    folder icons

    Customize folder color

    You can change the color of the default folder icon using the command palette:

    custom folder colors

    or via user settings:


    Folder themes

    You can change the design of the folder icons using the command palette:

    folder themes

    or via user settings:


    Custom icon opacity

    You can set a custom opacity for the icons:


    Custom icon saturation

    If colors do not make you happy you can change the icons to have less saturation making them look grayish or completely grayscale by setting saturation to 0:


    Custom icon associations

    You can customize the icon associations directly in the user settings.

    File associations

    With the *.[extension] pattern you can define custom file icon associations. For example you could define an icon for *.sample and every file that ends with .sample will have the defined icon. Use **.[extension] with two asterisks to apply the file association also for the filenames ending with that file extension.

    If there's no leading * it will be automatically configured as filename and not as file extension.

        "*.ts": "typescript",
        "fileName.ts": "angular"

    Folder associations

    The following configuration can customize the folder icons. It is also possible to overwrite existing associations and create nice combinations. For example you could change the folder theme to "classic" and define icons only for the folder names you like.

        "customFolderName": "src",
        "sample": "dist"

    Language associations

    With the following configuration you can customize the language icons. It is also possible to overwrite existing associations.

        "languageId": "iconName",
        "json": "json"

    Available language ids:

    You can see the available icon names in the overview above.

    One-click activation

    After installation or update you can click on the 'Activate'-button to activate the icon theme, if you haven't already. The icons will be visible immediately.



    Press Ctrl-Shift-P to open the command palette and type Material Icons.

    • Activate Icon Theme: Activate the icon theme.

    • Change Folder Color: Change the color of the folder icons.

    • Change Folder Theme: Change the design of the folder icons.

    • Change Opacity: Change the opacity of the icons.

    • Change Saturation: Change the saturation value of the icons.

    • Configure Icon Packs: Select an icon pack that enables additional icons (e.g. for Angular, React, Ngrx).

    • Hide Folder Arrows: Hides the arrows next to the folder icons.

    • Restore Default Configuration: Reset the default configurations of the icon theme.

    • Toggle Grayscale: Change icons to saturation to 0 making them look grayscale.

    Icon sources

    How to contribute

    Read the contribution guidelines.

    If you have some questions or icon requests open a new issue on Github.

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