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Martinet: an integrated build and deploy system for modern web languages

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npm install -g martinet-ide

Run tests

Recommended to ensure that everything is working as expected on your platform.

From the repository root:

Run all tests: npm test

Run a specific test or set of tests:

  1. First install nodeunit globally using npm install -g nodeunit
  2. To run the compile phase test (for example): nodeunit test/phases/compile-phase_test.js
  3. To run an entire directory of tests: nodeunit test/e2e

Start a project

  1. Create an empty directory and cd to it.
  2. Run martinet init to initialize the directory with the "basic" project skeleton.
  3. Run martinet to start the interactive development environment, and copy the URL shown in the terminal to a browser to live-preview your project. Any changes you make to your source files will trigger a project rebuilt and will automatically refresh your browsers.

Tip: If connecting from another device on the LAN (say a smartphone), instead of the host, use your computer's LAN IP address, which could be something like or

Build and deploy

Build your project into an optimized web-ready file distribution using martinet build -c prod from your project directory. The distribution is written into the dist directory, after which you can run martinet deploy to deploy it incrementally (for speed).


Full documentation is available at

The source for is included in the repository in the site directory, which is a Martinet project. Change to the site directory and run martinet to serve a local version of