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Marquees for the new millennium ✨

Super smooth and versatile javaScript plugin with no dependencies.


Note: Marquees were a bit neglected, no? There are tons, but they're slow and you can't really do much with them. So much you can do with the inherently strong typographic look of em. So this is me trying to update them for 2017.

A GSAP dependent version is available (WIP): MARQUEE3G

New Version : Important!

Please change how you initialize form Marquee3k() -> Marquee3k.init() !!!

New in 1.0.6

  • fixes bug when reverse scrolling is true
  • refresh single marquee instance / all marquees
  • access Marquee instances globally


  • ~3kb minified with no dependencies
  • Turn any element into a smooth-as-butter marquee
  • Text, images++* it'll do it
  • Style marquees as usual with CSS– get creative!
  • Set speed and direction
  • Have a ton without any slowdown
  • Responsive!




  1. Include Marquee3000 in your html file. Download zip or install via bower install marquee3000 || npm install marquee3000

        const Marquee3k = require('marquee3000');
        // or
        import Marquee3k from 'marquee3000';
        <script src="marquee3k.js"></script> 
  2. Create an element with a .marquee3k class. You can pass different options such as speed, orientation and direction (optional). See below for options.

        <div class="marquee3k" 
            data-speed="0.25" → play around here
            data-reverse="bool" → default: R to L / T to B
            data-pausable="bool" → Pause marquee on hover>
            <!--you can even have inline images,
            or any kind of html -->
            <h1>Some marquee content</h1>
  3. Fill it up with text or images etc. (still finding out what you can do with it)

  4. In your js file or <script> just call Marquee3k.init() and you're all set!

  5. To set spacing and other wonderful things, please use css

        // Parent container of a .marquee3k element
        .diagonal-marquee {
            transform: rotate(45deg);
        .marquee3k__copy {
            padding-right: 30px;
            box-sizing: border-box;

New stuff


You can refresh (if width of the inner content changes dynamically) by:

    // Refresh all instances
    // or, since all marquees are available
    // globally, target a specific instance
    Marquee3k.refresh(index); // index of marquee


You can stop the animation by:

    // Refresh all instances
    // or target a specific instance
    Marquee3k.pause(index); // index of marquee


You can start the animation after being paused by:

    // Refresh all instances
    // or target a specific instance
    Marquee3k.play(index); // index of marquee


You can toggle the animation by:

    // Refresh all instances
    // or target a specific instance
    Marquee3k.toggle(index); // index of marquee


If you are using images or custom fonts, initialise Marquee3000 AFTER they have been loaded!


You can set additional configuration options.

        selector: '.selector-name', // define a custom classname

Marquee also adds a is-init selector. You can use this to add and toggle entrance transitions, for example.


Q: But it's slow, I have 150+ of them on the same page

A: If you've got literally hundreds of them on one page, you've got a marquee addiction problem. Contact a internet professional or buy me a beer, I think we'd get along quite well.

Q: Does it work on mobile?

A: Yes it does and it works quite well! If you're going to be rotating things and all that fancy stuff, just make sure to style it with CSS.

Q: Can i make a marquee that's position fixed?

A: Absolutely. You just have to wrap the marquee element inside another container which gets the position: fixed. Namaste.

Q: Can you make it spin?

A: Umm, sure. Well you can do anything with it really Demo coming soon

Q: I have more questions, what's your support hotline?

A: 1-800-MARQUEE or you can just mention me on twitter (@the_ezekiel)

**Q: the callback does not work?

A: You have to pass in only the name of the function (must be defined in global scope). Still currently a very basic implementation. Suggestions welcome!

Say hi!

The plugin is completely free but I'd love to know if you have used the plugin for something cool! Would love to see what you've made! Drop me a line at ezekielaquino@gmail.com or via @the_ezekiel on Twitter!


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details


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