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CLI tool for parse markdown(.md) to HTML, PDF.

Getting started

    npm install marksnap -g

This package requires node version >= 0.10.

Example usage

Convert to HTML
    marksnap /source/

This will generate the HTML file in the same directory as the source file.

You can specify the output directory or name like this:

    marksnap /source/ /target_directory --name html_file

You don't need to specify the file extension, Marksnap will generating that.

Convert to PDF

If you want the PDF version, you just simply add a parameter like this:

    marksnap /source/ --pdf


images in markdown file

If you have some images in your markdown file and image links are from local file-system, then in HTML converting, just for sharing, you better use relative path, and put the images and output HTML file in the same directory, then you can pack this directory and send to anyone.

In PDF converting, you need to use absolute path for local images, so the converter can read your image files, and pack them in one PDF file.

In next version, Marksnap will do this path converting automatically.


1. [Solved]Capable of converting .md to .html and pdf

2. [Solved]Can specify output file path

3. [Solved]Convert to a randomly named file in the source directory by default

  1. Convert local image file links automatically
  2. If converting to .html and specified an output directory, copy all local images to the directory
  3. Write a render engine for both HTML and PDF
  4. Add a little more flavors to standard markdown

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