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Markdown is great for content, but it's not ideal for create slide decks. Markdown doesn't provide a way to wrap each slide in a parent element, making it very difficult to style your slides with CSS.

markdown2slides is a node module, intended to be used in a grunt workflow, that lets your write your slideshow content in markdown without compromising stylability.


npm install markdown2slides


Write your slideshow content in a markdown file, using horizontal rules (---) to separate each slide:

slide 1
slide 2
slide 3

Use markdown2slides to convert your markdown file into an ordered list:

var slides = require('markdown2slides')('path/to/')

The value of slides is now an HTML string that looks like this:

<ol class="slides">
  <li>slide 1</li>
  <li>slide 2</li>
  <li>slide 3</li>


npm test

Caveat Emptor

markdown2slides is intended to be used for static HTML site generation. It is blocky/synchronous/non-streamy. In other words, don't use it at runtime in your node apps.