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A concise extension to the marked library, focused on converting text written in markdown format to plain text, removing all special characters.

Usage 1 - Markdown to plain text conversion

For basic markdown to plain text conversion:

import { convertMarkdownToPlainText } from "markdown-to-text-renderer";

let md_text = "Free open source software (*FOSS*) is **awesome**. Let's work together in [GitHub]('"

let plaintext = convertMarkdownToPlainText(md_text)

Adding custom options

Marked accepts options that allow the user to customize its behavior. You can pass this options as second optional argument to the convertMarkdownToPlainText() function.

NOTE: For this conversion to plain text, it is recommended to always set the sanitize option to false, to avoid encoding issues. Besides that, mangle and headerIds should also be set to false, this is because these options are deprectaed, but marked still sets them to true by default. These are all set by default by this library. But if you set your own options, you'll override the default ones, so don't forget to specify {sanitize:false, mangle:false, headerIds:false} when adding yours.

import { convertMarkdownToPlainText } from "markdown-to-text-renderer";

let md_text = "If you wanna be a **cool cowboy** you should play [Red Dead Redemption]("

let options = {
    // please always set these three if you set your own options
    sanitize: false,
    mangle: false,
    headerIds: false

let plaintext = convertMarkdownToPlainText(md_text, options)

> If you wanna be a cool cowboy you should play Red Dead Redemption

Usage 2 - Converting ASCII HTML numbers and codes to text

Some special characters, such as "&" or "$", could end up being rendered as ASCII HTML Numbers or Codes after their conversion. In this case, the text "The Knicks & the Mets are from New York" would be rendered as "The Knicks & the Mets are from New York"

To solve this you can use the convertASCIICharsToText() function.

import { convertASCIICharsToText } from "markdown-to-text-renderer";

let specialCharsString = "The Bucks & the Brewers are from Milwaukee"

let convertedString = convertASCIICharsToText(specialCharsString)

> The Bucks & the Brewers are from Milwaukee

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