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Habrahabr is a russian social network / collective blog dedicated to IT and Computer Science. For its articles the social network is using a markup which has some HTML tags (with limited functionality) as well as some tags introduced by the site.

Markdown-habr is a simple tool to compile markdown to habrahabr HTML. It is represented by the library and the commandline tool to parse MD files. I wrote the tool mostly for myself because for me it is easier to write articles using markdown. So don't be surprised by its illogics.

Also Github-flavored markdown is supported.

For some features like image alignment and <br clear/> it might be a better idea to use the html/xml itself without santitizing. Also some features are expected to be buggy, too.

Usage as command line tool

In order to use it you have to have node.js and npm installed and all required variables added to your PATH system variable.

npm install -g markdown-habr
mdhabr example.html

There are command-line parameters that affect some options of the parser.

  • -z, --sanitize strip HTML tags from source
  • -a, --no-anchors disable anchors creation
  • -l, --no-links disable anchor link generation around Header tags
  • -u, --no-slugs instead of using slugs generated from header text, for anchor links use 'h-[number]' format
  • -g, --no-gfm disable github-flavored markdown
  • -p, --pedantic conform to obscure parts of
  • -z, --sanitize strip HTML tags from input
  • -t, --no-smart-punctuation disable smart typograhic punctuation for things like quotes and dashes
  • -r, --use-p add paragraph tags to paragraphs (habrahabr does not use them)
  • -o, --remove-yo replace "ё" letter with "е"
  • -v, --version current library version
  • -h, --help this information
  • -d, --destination path to write result
  • -f, --source file to compile

Usage as library

The library utilizes marked markdown parser library with custom renderer plus some workarounds and ugly code parts to make it a bit more extensible.

var mdhabr = new require('markdown-habr')();
var result = mdhabr.parse("# Hello, I am a title \nAnd I am some text');

There are also options available. You can specify some or all of them to override defaults:

var mdhabr = require('markdown-habr');

var options = {
  // Add <anchor> tag before each heading with a slug
  add_anchors:      true,
  // Add <a href="#slug"> link to each heading. Only when add_anchors is enabled
  add_anchor_links: true,
  // Use title of article to generate a slug. Otherwise slugs will be h-1, h-2 etc.
  anchor_slugs:     true,
  // Pedantic feature of marked library. "Conform to obscure parts of"
  pedantic:         false,
  // "smart typograhic punctuation for things like quotes and dashes." of marked
  punctuation:      true,
  // Use github-flavored markdown
  gfm:              true,
  // Uses marked sanitize option to clean HTML tags from input
  sanitize:         false,
  // Replace Ё letter with Е
  remove_yo:        false,
  // Enable special tags (like habracut)
  enable_specials:  true

var result = mdhabr.parse("# Hello, I am a title \nAnd I am some text', options);

New syntax

Some new markdown tags/behaviors were implemented just for ease of habr articles writing.

Media links

Links to twitter, slideshare or youtube,rutube and vimeo videos, wrapped with square braces, will be turned into <twitter>, <slideshow> and <video> tags:




Note that the link url has to match my regex, which is pretty dumb.


To make a <cut> tag, use this:


You also can use text or use more than two dashes and add spaces:

-- x ------------- Читать дальше

This should produce the <cut> tag:

<cut text="Read More">

Code highlighting

Currently <source lang=" ... "></source> (with lang attribute) blocks are produced only when using github-flavored markdown fenced code blocks:

console.log('Hello, world');

As for 19 Dec 2015 Habrahabr supports following highlighting models: Bash, C#, C++, CSS, Diff, HTML, XML, Ini, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, 1C, AVR Assembler, ActionScript, Apache, Axapta, CMake, CoffeeScript, DOS, .bat, Delphi, Django, Erlang, Erlang REPL, Go, Haskell, Lisp, Lua, MEL, Markdown, Matlab, Nginx, Objective C, Parser3, Python profile, RenderMan, Rust, Scala, Smalltalk, TeX, VBScript, VHDL, Vala


npm i markdown-habr

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