Marionette Javascript Client

Marionette JS Client

JavaScript client for Marionette.

Designed to run on Node.js.

1.0x is for gecko 26 and onward 0.x is for gecko 25 and lower.

Fork repo

npm install .

Tests are written in Mocha / Chai

make test

The landing page is autogenerated from this file. API documentation is made using yuidocjs.

The make doc-server / make doc-publish are used to preview and publish content.

The published document:

Find us on in the #gaia channel.

  • irc: gaye - Gareth Aye
  • irc: mhenretty - Michael Henretty - mikehenrty (github)
  • irc: lightsofapollo - James Lal
  • irc: jugglinmike - Michael Pennisi
  • irc: evanxd - Evan Tseng