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Waterline SQL Builder

Build SQL queries (stage 5 queries) from Waterline statements (stage 4 queries).

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This is a replacement for the Waterline-Sequel package in newer specs of the Waterline adapter interface. It is not backwards compatible.

Behind the scenes, this uses knex to compile SQL queries which should be valid in any supported database. (The core Sails/Waterline adapters for SQL databases use this library internally.)

Refer to Concepts > Models and ORM for information on how to run queries from app-level code. Or, if you are building a lower-level Node.js package, see Waterline Query Docs for more information on Waterline statements (aka stage 4 queries). Keep in mind that using Waterline statements from app-level code is experimental and should be treated accordingly. While this package follows semver, from the perspective of application code, breaking changes could occur at any time (e.g. since this kind of usage is experimental, Waterline adapters could upgrade their waterline-sql-builder dependency via a major version bump)


This module is meant to be used by adapter authors who need to generate a query to run on a given driver. Example usage is below:

var SQLBuilder = require('waterline-sql-builder');
var compile = SQLBuilder({ dialect: 'postgres' }).generate;

// Compile a statement to obtain a SQL template string and an array of bindings.
var report = compile({
  select: ['id'],
  where: {
    firstName: 'Test',
    lastName: 'User'
  from: 'users'

//  sql: 'select "id" from "users" where "firstName" = $1 and "lastName" = $2',
//  bindings: ['Test', 'User']


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This package, like the Sails framework, is free and open-source under the MIT License.

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