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Mapwize SDK for React Native

This library allows developers to integrate Mapwize Indoor Maps & Wayfinding in their React Native mobile application.


Run the following commands in your project directory

yarn add mapwize-sdk-react-native

yarn install


The minimum supported iOS version is 10.0. The minimum supported MapwizeSDK version is 3.2.1.

  • MapwizeSDK requires that you add use_frameworks! in your Podfile.

  • Run pod install in your ios directory

  • Add the MGLMapboxMetricsEnabledSettingShownInApp key in your info.plist and set it to YES


The minimum supported Android sdk version is 21. The minimum supported mapwize-sdk-android version is 3.4.2.

in your Project build.gradle file, you have to add :

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }
        maven { url ''}

Mapwize API Key

You'll need a Mapwize API key to load the Map and allow API requests.

To get your own Mapwize API key, sign up for a free account at Then within the Mapwize Studio, navigate to "API Keys" on the side menu.

Creating your first map

The MapwizeMap component requires at least a MapwizeConfiguration props. The MapwizeConfiguration contains your Mapwize api key that will be used to display data on the map.

const mapConfig = new MapwizeConfiguration('YOUR_API_KEY');
render() {
    return <MapwizeMap
        style={{flex: 1}}

All instantiated maps are independent. You can add multiple maps with different MapwizeConfiguration in your application.

Using the map methods

You can use the MapwizeViewRef returned by the onMapLoaded property to run any map related method.

const mapConfig = new MapwizeConfiguration('YOUR_API_KEY');
render() {
    return <MapwizeMap
        style={{flex: 1}}
        onMapLoaded={(mapwizeMap: MapwizeViewRef) => mapwizeMap.setFloor(3)}

Using the remote api

You can access to the Mapwize remote api methods using CreateMapwizeAPI to create an instance of MapwizeApi.

const mapConfig = new MapwizeConfiguration('YOUR_API_KEY')
const api: MapwizeApi = CreateMapwizeAPI(mapConfig)

Using the offline manager

You can access the Mapwize offline Manger methods using CreateOfflineManager to create an instance of OfflineManager.

const mapConfig = new MapwizeConfiguration('YOUR_API_KEY')
const offlineManager: OfflineManager = CreateOfflineManager(mapConfig)


Please refer to the Mapwize SDK React Native documentation on


While this project is mainly maintained by the Mapwize team, all contributions are welcome. Do not hesitate to open an issue or create a pull request on this project.


We would like to thank the Cardiweb team for their contribution to this React Native integration.

Evolution and support

For any question or request, please contact us at




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