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    A friendlier Lisp over JavaScript.

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    (make (delicious code)
      (maplescript:compile code))

    MapleScript is an intuitive, application-focused Lisp dialect that compiles to JavaScript. The language itself contains both a built-in event system and a virtual DOM, as well as a JSX-like syntax for creating virtual nodes, all in about 24kb of minified overhead.

    Read the official docs.

    Quick Overview

    If you're not familiar with the term, Lisps are a family of languages where most things in the language look (like this). Lists enclosed in parentheses are called "s-expressions".

    MapleScript is different from ClojureScript (another Lisp over JavaScript) in that it has a much simpler syntax, sticks to JavaScript's native data types, and implements functionalism less rigidly.

    The purpose behind MapleScript is to allow you to trade out 100kb+ libraries for a much smaller language that gives you the same core power natively. To illustrate, the MapleScript repository includes an ~8k framework called Syrup that leverages this power to help you build reactive, component-based applications with a redux-like state and lifecycle events.

    Here are a few examples of things you can do in MapleScript:

    -- Create a factorial calculator
    (make (factorial n)
        (?< n 2)
        (* n (factorial (- n 1)))))
    -- Create a factorial calculator with pattern matching!
    (make (factorial 0) 1
          (factorial n) (* n (factorial (- n 1))))
    -- More easily use Symbols, especially as object keys
    (make person {
      :name 'John'
      :eyes 'hazel'
      :hair 'brown'
    person:name           =>  'John'
    person:age?:birthday  =>  undefined
    -- Enjoy more accurate type checking
    (m:typeof {})     =>  :object
    (m:typeof null)   =>  :null
    (m:typeof [1 2])  =>  :array
    -- Chain context between function calls
    (-> (jquery '#my-div')
        (&.addClass 'my-class')
    (-> (returnPromise)
        (&.then (@ [result] (returnPromise result)))
        (&.then (@ [result] (returnPromise result)))
        (&.then (@ [result] result)))
    -- Use the built-in event system
    (m:handle :my-event (@ [data] (m:log data)))
    (m:signal :my-event 'foo')
    -- Generate nodes in a virtual DOM!
    (make title
      <h1 {:class 'my-class'}>
        'Hello, world!'
    -- Turn them into real html nodes!
    (make renderedTitle (m:vdom:render title))
    -- Inject them into a web page!
    (m:vdom:injectNodes renderedTitle '#target-selector')
    -- Diff two versions of a virtual DOM!
    (make title2
      <h1 {:class 'different-clas'}>
        'Goodbye, world!'
    (make patches (m:vdom:diff ))
    -- Automatically apply changes from a diff!
    (m:vdom:patchNodes renderedTitle patches)

    Plus, use it with Browserify, Gulp, and Webpack!

    Read the official docs.


    npm i maplescript

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