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Read content from your cozy terminal.

mad is a nice tool to view docs written in markdown like regular man pages.

Unfortunately it provides only outdated content by default.

manu is a tool that queries the database to retrieve fresh data which can then be used by mad.


Let's say you want to grab the ramda docs:

manu fetch ramda

This will download the content of to ~/.manu-pages/json/ramda.json

manu convert ramda

This will convert the previously fetched JSON file to ~/.manu-pages/md/

mad ramda

Et voilà !

Even better:

manu extract ramda

HTML files have now been extracted to ~/.manu-pages/html/ramda/

You can browse them and follow internal links smoothly.

lynx ~/.manu-pages/html/ramda/index.html


  • You can do all the operations in one go using manu pull ramda
  • You can target a specific version of docs if available manu pull angular-1.5


Install mad, then:

npm i -g manu

Add this variable to your shell:

export MAD_PATH=~/.manu-pages/md


List fetched (JSON), converted (MD) and extracted (HTML) docs:

manu ls

List all local and available docs

manu ls -a

Pull = fetch + convert + extract :

manu pull <doc>

Download JSON raw data from to local cache:

manu fetch <doc>

Convert raw JSON to markdown:

manu convert <doc>

Extract HTML files from the raw JSON

manu extract <doc>

Remove local files

manu rm <doc>