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Manga Fetcher fetches and downloads manga images to your machine!


  • Node.js (developed and tested with v0.10.21 and v0.11.5)
  • CoffeeScript


npm install -g mangafetcher

Currently supported manga

Note that Manga Fetcher stores manga in a folder name 'manga' in your current directory. If the folder doesn't exist, it would be automatically created.

  • One Piece (Experimental)

    • mangafetcher -m one-piece -v 1 -e 1
    • mangefetcher -m one-piece -v TBD -e 713 for TBD volumes
  • Naruto (Experimental)

    • mangafetcjer -m naruto -v 1 -e 1
  • Bleach

    • mangafetcher -m bleach -v 44 -e 386
  • Eyeshield 21

    • mangafetcher -m eyeshield21 -e 1
  • Shaman King

    • mangafetcher -m sk -v 33 -e 292
  • Shaman King Flowers

    • mangafetcher -m sk-f -e 1
  • Denpa Kyoushi

    • mangafetcher -m denpa-kyoushi -e 1
  • Trinity Seven

    • mangafetcher -m trinity-seven -e 1
  • And many more!


List mode

If you already downloaded some manga and want to check for updates. You could run mangafetcher -l to check them.

$ mangafetcher -l
Shaman King Flowers 17 (local: 17/17)
Trinity Seven 32 (local: 4/32)
Nisekoi (KOMI Naoshi) 95 (local: 95/95)
Denpa Kyoushi 92 (local: 59/92)
Bleach 553 (local: 259/553)
Episode List mode

Some mangas must have both volume and episode specified. And some of their volume/episode combination is quite hard to remember. Using this mode would quickly display this information. For example this displays a list of Tsubasa episodes.

$ mangafetcher -x -m touhou_silent
Version 1
vol.1 ch.21
vol.1 ch.20
vol.1 ch.19
vol.1 ch.18
vol.1 ch.17
Version 2
$ mangafetcher -m touhou_silent -v 1 -e 17
Multiple episodes mode

For convenient, since v.1.4 Manga Fetcher is able to queue and download multiple episodes at once. Using -e option with x..y range would download from episode x to y.

$ mangefetcher -m eyeshield21 -e 201..210

All manga credits to, and!