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Simple engine to inject management commands into your node projects.


Management.js is a toolkit that aims to bring the django-like management commands functionality into your nodejs apps.

Usage of this tool is very simple and lets the user to write 'development' tasks in a super-fast way.

SETUP: 1. Just install managamentjs via npm in the tradional way: npm install managementjs

2. Add the entry point for managementjs into your app:
  if (require('managementjs')()) {  process.exit(); }

3. Create a folder named management:
  mkdir management


1. Once the setup is done, you can add your first management command:
  management/clean_cache.js --------

  exports.enter = function() {  }
  exports.execute = function() { console.log('Cleaning cache...'); }
  exports.exit = function() { }

2. Invoke your commands:
  node app.js clean_cache

For more detailed information see the docs and examples.