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    Generate a text for a GitHub issue announcing a Node.js working group meeting


    Up and Running: Installation and Usage

    To get started with make-node-meeting install the tool globally:

    npm install make-node-meeting -g

    Next, make sure coreutils is installed (macOS):

    brew install coreutils

    Once the dependencies are installed, create a new directory to hold the config for the meeting you want to generate:

    mkdir ~/.make-node-meeting

    Create a new .sh file in this directory to hold your meeting configuration:

    touch ~/.make-node-meeting/<meetingname>.sh # Where <meetingname> is the name of the group or WG you want to create a meeting for.

    Once this file is created, open it in your editor of choice add a configuration. There are several example configurations in this repo.

    When the configuration is added, run the following command:

    make-node-meeting <meetingname> # Where <meetingname> is the name of the group or WG you want to create a meeting for

    Fill out the questions it asks as appropriate for your specific case. Once complete, make-node-meeting will output the Markdown source into your terminal - copy and paste it into your issue and you should be ready to go!


    Given a working group "code", produce Markdown-formatted issue text for that working group. The code is used to load a configuration file as ~/.make-node-meeting/ which contains settings required for customising the text.

    The configuration file must contain:

    GROUP_NAME="Name of Group"
    MEETING_TIME="UTC day and time"
    INVITEES="Markdown list of invitees"
    JOINING_INSTRUCTIONS="Specific instructions on how to join"

    The configuration file can optionally contain:

    HOST="OpenJS Foundation"

    The MEETING_TIME is used to work out when the next meeting should occur and print that date and time accordingly, with translations to various world timezomes.

    For example, ~/.make-node-meeting/ might contain:

    GROUP_NAME="Core Technical Committee (CTC)"
    MEETING_TIME="Wednesday 8pm"
    * @bnoordhuis (CTC)
    * @chrisdickinson (CTC)
    JOINING_INSTRUCTIONS="Uberconference; participants should have the link & numbers."

    Furthermore, node-meeting-agenda is used to embed the agenda inline in the text. The group code is used to look up the code-agenda label across the nodejs GitHub org, e.g. ctc-agenda, to find issues and pull requests that need to be on the meeting agenda.


    make-node-meeting is Copyright (c) 2016 Rod Vagg @rvagg and licensed under the MIT licence. All rights not explicitly granted in the MIT license are reserved. See the included file for more details.




    npm i make-node-meeting

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