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    Warning, this wrapper doesn't support the Mailjet v3 API. Please do not update to the next version. For more informations about your code migration, contact


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    Mailjet is a real-time Cloud Emailing platform: scalable, agile and flexible!

    Mailjet unique algorithm boosts your deliverability and the platform provides in-depth insight so you can optimize more than ever.

    More info on

    Mailjet Web API

    Info on the API can be found here


    To install maljet run npm install mailjet


    In order to use mailjet you need to require it and instantiate it first:

    var Mailjet = require('mailjet');
    var instance = new Mailjet('APIKEY', 'SECRETKEY', {
      secure : true, // When true uses https when false it uses http, default is true
      output : 'json' // The output type you prefer, default is json, you can choose between php, json, xml, serialize, html, csv

    The options object can be skiped so you can simply get an instance like this: var instance = new Mailjet('APIKEY', 'SECRETKEY'); of course you replace APIKEY with your API key and SECRETKEY with your Secret key To call a method from API you use sendRequest method. This method gets 4 optional parameters:

    1. method (String) / Required: Is the method you need to call.
    2. params (Object) / Optional: The params you want to send.
    3. request (String) / Optional: The type of request you want to make, it's either GET or POST, by default is GET.
    4. cb (Function) / Optional: This is the callback method that will be triggered when the API request is done. Callback returns 4 params as well:
      1. err: Error object in case of failure
      2. status: The request status code
      3. data: The returned data object (WARNING: In case of API error (like internal errors) this may also be html instead of object)
      4. headers: The returned headers


    Usage with 3 params and a callback

    instance.sendRequest('userinfos', {}, 'GET', function (err, status, data, headers) {
      console.log('Error: ' + err);
      console.log('Status: ' + status);
      console.log('Data: '); console.log(data);
      console.log('Headers: '); console.log(headers);

    In this example all the params are used.

    Usage with 2 params and a callback

    instance.sendRequest('userinfos', {}, function (err, status, data, headers) {
      console.log('Error: ' + err);
      console.log('Status: ' + status);
      console.log('Data: '); console.log(data);
      console.log('Headers: '); console.log(headers);

    In this example the request param is omited.

    Usage with 1 param and a callback

    instance.sendRequest('userinfos', function (err, status, data, headers) {
      console.log('Error: ' + err);
      console.log('Status: ' + status);
      console.log('Data: '); console.log(data);
      console.log('Headers: '); console.log(headers);

    In this example the params and request params are omited as we don't need them.

    Usage without a callback function

    In case callback function is not provided then a promise is returned.

    var promise = instance.sendRequest('userinfos');
    promise.once('complete', function (result) {
      if (result.status) {
      } else {
        // Handle error

    result in case of failure is an error object, otherwise it's an object with status, data and headers properties which are same as in callback method.

    Deps, Tests & Lint

    Simply run make in mailjet root directory.

    # make
    * Project Tasks
    make deps             Install Dependencies
    make deps-clean       Removes the node_modules directory
    make lint             Run Code Analysis tool (scans entire project)
    * Test Suites
    make tests            Run All tests
    make test-basic       Run Basic tests (module specific tests)
    make test-api         Run API Methods tests (test fixtures required)
    make test-user        Run User Methods tests (test fixtures required)
    make test-contact     Run Contact Methods tests (test fixtures required)
    make test-lists       Run Lists Methods tests (test fixtures required)
    make test-message     Run Message Methods tests (test fixtures required)
    make test-report      Run Report Methods tests (test fixtures required)
    make test-cleanup     Run Cleanup Methods tests (test fixtures required)


    npm i mailjet

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