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  • install with:

      yarn add magnolia-frontend-scripts 
  • add this into your projects package.json:

      "scripts": {
         "build": "neo-mfs build",
         "check": "neo-mfs check",
         "default": "neo-mfs default"
  • make sure your directory layout looks like this:

      - <project-name>
          -> <name>-ui 
              -> <name>-ui
              -> frontend (here is your package.json etc)
          -> <name>-webapp 
  • add correct path names to a file named ".projectrc" in your frontend directory:

      const basePaths = {
          root: '.',
          src: 'src',
          srcClient: 'src/client',
          srcServer: 'src/server',
          dist: 'dist',
          distPublic: 'dist/webresources',
          distSrcUI: '../swidch-ui-light/',
          distSrcWeb: '../swidch-ui-light/web',
          distTargetMagnolia: '../../swidch-webapp/target/cmsauthor/modules/swidch-ui-light'
      module.exports = basePaths;
  • TODO

    • make more configurable
    • log gulp output too
    • ...