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Beyond magical. magixjs

MagiXJS allow you to create the most advance webapps ever built. Combined with Coffeescript, MagiX get ride of HTML/CSS and Javascript allowing you to create webapps only using one language and one framework. It is easy to learn and will push your next project to new heights.


npm install -g magixjs


magix about

  • About Magix.

magix create [type]

  • Allow you to create a project.
  • Type: [app, playground]

ex: magix create app

magix launch [dir] [port]

  • Launch a local server to help you code an orb project.

magix build [project dir] [env]

  • Build your project.
  • magix build production ** Optimize your project for a production environement (merge files, minify..).

magix clean [project dir]

  • Clear the build of a project.

magix watch [project dir]

  • Observe change on a project and compile on the fly.
  • Note: when doing a 'magix launch' you do not need to do an 'magix watch'

ex: magix watch


Create your first project:

magix create demo

Magix: Project created successfully.

cd orb-demo

magix launch

Create production version of your project

(Will create copy of your project that will be minified and optimized)

magix clean

magix build production

About magix projects

  • You code using COFFEESCRIPT.
  • No HTML, no CSS, no javascript required.
  • No need for anything else out of the box.
  • To create a class, create a new file and write:

Extends View

this.background = red

this.didAppear = ->

say 'hi'

.. Instead of the traditional 'class' keyword

  • One class per file

  • Classes are auto imported by default. To import classes manually, add a '!' at the very beggining of you file. Then:

Import 'MyFirstView', ->

log 'imported'

In case you are wondering, 'log' is the print method, short and cool ;)

log 'something :P'

Documentation / help

To find help visit:

Magix Documentation



Created by Etienne Pinchon (@etiennepinchon)