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Derive a unique machine identifier from CPU, memory, and network interface information. Since the identifier is based on hardware confguration, it will be consistent across processes, but will change if hardware changes.


machine-id exports a function, that returns the machine ID. Passing an argument of true, will return the machine ID formatted in hyphenated groups, as if it were a UUID.

var machineId = require('machine-id');
console.log(machineId()); // 478138e6ee1e47e8b5a717915bd48f99'
console.log(machineId(true)); // 478138e6-ee1e-47e8-b5a7-17915bd48f99


Tests require Mocha and can be run with npm test. You can specify Mocha options, such as the reporter, by adding a mocha.opts file to the test directory.

Running npm test --coverage will generate code coverage reports with Istanbul. The code coverage reports will be located in the coverage directory, which is excluded from the repository.