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    Reads segments from a m3u8 playlist or DASH MPD file into a consumable stream.

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    const fs = require('fs');
    const m3u8stream = require('m3u8stream')


    m3u8stream(url, [options])

    Creates a readable stream of binary media data. options can have the following

    • begin - Where to begin playing the video. Accepts an absolute unix timestamp or date and a relative time in the formats 1:23:45.123 and 1m2s.
    • liveBuffer - How much buffer in milliseconds to have for live streams. Default is 20000.
    • chunkReadahead - How many chunks to preload ahead. Default is 3.
    • highWaterMark - How much of the download to buffer into the stream. See node's docs for more. Note that the actual amount buffered can be higher since each chunk request maintains its own buffer.
    • requestOptions - Any options you want to pass to miniget, such as headers.
    • parser - Either "m3u8" or "dash-mpd". Defaults to guessing based on the playlist url ending in .m3u8 or .mpd.
    • id - For playlist containing multiple media options. If not given, the first representation will be picked.


    If called, stops requesting segments, and refreshing the playlist.

    Event: progress

    • Object - Current segment with the following fields,
      • number - num
      • number - size
      • number - duration
      • string - url
    • number - Total number of segments.
    • number - Bytes downloaded up to this point.

    For static non-live playlists, emitted each time a segment has finished downloading. Since total download size is unknown until all segment endpoints are hit, progress is calculated based on how many segments are available.

    miniget events

    All miniget events are forwarded and can be listened to from the returned stream.


    Converts human friendly time to milliseconds. Supports the format
    00:00:00.000 for hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds respectively.
    And 0ms, 0s, 0m, 0h, and together 1m1s.

    • time - A string (or number) giving the user-readable input data


    Currently, it does not support encrypted media segments. This is because the sites where this was tested on and intended for, YouTube and Twitch, don't use it.

    This does not parse master playlists, only media playlists. If you want to parse a master playlist to get links to media playlists, you can try the m3u8 module.


    npm install m3u8stream


    Tests are written with mocha

    npm test


    npm i m3u8stream

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